Saturday, July 16, 2016

Facts about acts of aggression and terror

The depth of tragedy as well as rights and wrongs are mostly determined by powerful western media. And thus the miscalculation by leaders and misconception by general public. 

Tragic incidents happen almost everywhere from Middle East to Europe,  America and Asia. But the world in general feel the horror more when incidents occur in western countries. The media there are very powerful and by nature of character composition, they cover more widely and deeply what takes place in their own countries and that which have to do with their national interests.

Even then, the speeding huge truck mowing down so many people out to celebrate a national occassion at Nice in France is terribly horrible. And news coverage is understandable both intensive  and extensive. 

It is being said that the lone truck driver was killed by the Police. Strangely the driver is alleged  to have fired his gun before his suicidal drive into the celebrating crowd. Why would he fire into the crowd if his intention was to drive into an unsuspecting crowd? Also how does a driver fire a gun and at the same time drive a huge truck ? Was he trying to cause panic among the people  by firing into the crowd? Seems unlikely. Because the people interviewed deny hearing gun shots and probably most victims did not even hear the truck rumbling towards  them. There was " so much loud music" and " the incident happened immediately after the fireworks".

So gun shots would not have panic effect in an already  highly noisy atmosphere. And if the driver was out to shoot to kill. there had to be gun shot victims. But so far no such counts except for the driver who is declared to be shot dead by the police. There is much questions that begs answers. Though no answers and explanations can change the cruel fate of so many innocent victims. May their souls rest in peace. 

It is not possible to determine who is winning the " terror war ". Is it the ISIS whose positions in Iraq and Syria are under heavy  and continuous bombing from the air or western nations whose leaders and citizens too are sweating in dread against another ' terror attack '   in some or any part in their country at any time of day or night ?

France declares that it will not give in to terror. But the President has extended national emergency for 3 more months. This means the general public of France and those public in Iraq and Syria live under the same atmosphere of fear. Thus the real affected and losers are common general innocent people. Such people who have no say in starting a war of aggression or in executing retaliatory suicide  missions are the real victims of war and terror campaigns. To the victims there is no difference in ultimate death whether from war of aggression or war of revenge. Acts of unholy war and terror are both despicable. 

Neither the leaders of the developed and powerfully armed Western Nations nor the Leaders of fanatical sections of the victimised Middle East population  can claim grounds of morality.

The sufferings of the general innocent people on the streets of two opposing forces will ease only if the wars in Middle East are brought to an end. The West must realise that they are not conducting a war with ISIS the identifiable group. ISIS represents the emotion of section of aggrieved populace  who believe that the West and Israel do not tolerate  their existence and prosperity. Thus many terrorists and prominent terrorist leaders may get killed but emotion can not be killed or defeated. At every possible opportunity emotion will rise and strike.

Maybe no one person can see a neat solution to war of terror where most victims are innocent public. But peace in Middle East free from aggression from outside forces may de- escalate the so called terror acts as well as stem the flow of refugees. Personally, I do not see the  French or that of any other  western country's national solutions in declaring national emergencies at home and sending more bomber planes on raids. Such mafia type bravo will continue destructions upon both opposing parties. 

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  1. i believe the lone terrorist went about this terror act in a well planned manner. he is believed to have done a lot of home work aiming to do maximum damage and kill as many. he apparently drove that particular truck that he used on the fateful day and surveyed the beach area couple of days prior. he gathered as many weapons as he can in the days ahead. he was believed to have been driving in a zig zag manner to confuse as many ppl n plough down as many bodies, and would simultaneously shoot from the window to kill those away from the reach of the truck. bodies were found with bullet wounds much away from the path travelled by the truck.
    important point to note is why in France again ?