Monday, July 4, 2016

Vote of thanks by His Excellency Dr. Sonam Kinga the Chairman of National Council on the Floor of the Parliament of Bhutan.

This is the second time the laudable  Bhutanese intellectual Orator took to the Floor of the Parliament to offer Vote of Thanks to the two Honourable Guests from our neighbouring most friendly Countries of India and Bangladesh.

The first honoured guest was His Excellency Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India 2 years back. And this time His Excellency the distinguished  President of Bangladesh. The address to the Bhutanese  Parliament by Prime Minister of India was delivered in Hindi. If his intention was to demonstrate regional hegemony, perhaps the choice of language was correct. The President of Bangladesh sensibly  delivered his address in the English language. The message of friendship and admiration was well communicated and have to be equally and effectively well received. 

On both occasions the Vote of Thanks were delivered by the Chairman of National Council of Bhutan. Incredibly well researched, absolutely pertinent to the occassion and delivered in eloquent elegance. Your Excellency Dr. Sonam Kinga , you are incredible! You make Bhutan and Bhutanese stand out in the brightest light of a knowledgeable and cultured sovereign society. I know the protocol necessity of delivering the Vote of Thanks in Dzongkha. But I wish both the nations of  Bangladesh and India and their fellow citizens  could hear you make the thank you speech in English.  Such weighty substance delivered so smoothly and with such flair of ease as if reciting a great poem. The nation of Pelden Drukpa have her own share of leaders who are at par with the best that world in general can produce.

The Parliament of Bhutan achieves a mile stone every time  the Speaker solemnly welcomes a guest of honour in the most formal and extensive introduction to the essence of the moment followed by the address of the distinguished Guest and concluded with meritorious vote of thanks. A historic event that honours the Guests and reveals the diverse awakening of Bhutan's political culture.

I thank the distinguished President of Bangladesh for remembering His Majesty King Jigme Dorji Wangchuck of Bhutan. To hear His Excellency express the gratitude of his Country
and People to the Third King of Bhutan is so heart touching. We in Bhutan have far greater reasons to be thankful to the great King but such great gifts to the nation are seldom adequately acknowledged.  

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