Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Caution! Please be Cautious!

People please think with calm mind and analyse cold facts. Do not jump into something just because your school friend shares supposed sad story of injustice.  Those who gamble and mortgage property to raise money for gambling  from private sources are not innocent. It may appear to be out smarting the law by absconding to avoid law/ repayment obligation ( a character of con man). And it may appear totally right on the part of other family members of the gambler cum absconder to protect the family property put on lien by the gambler through  insinuating so many unproven charges against the money lender and even relatives of such a lender. Then worse  social media known personalities  may get involved to settle their own  personal scores of love or hate using this charade ( sad story) as a shield. Inciting social  malignancy and character assassination is the lowest form of personal vendetta whether you are a past lover or present enemy.

If you have thought over things and you still want to join the what appears to you a social crusade then the field will always remain wide open. I take this trouble  only to caution against haste. When you directly or indirectly attack a personality by name or institution, then you are on the path to destroy that personality and the institution. So you better not base your public support/campaign  on heresay or school/ college friendship. You are not playing inky minky ponky in school. You are no more that carefree student. You are an adult with family and responsibility. So act responsibly without fear but not in haste or on some young school days sentiment. You are legally 100% responsible and yes your have all the human rights. Just do not be so brash as to stomp upon  the name of innocent and the respected ( and I mean just respected not feared or powerful).

Do not sign online petition because most of the time the objective of the initiator/instigator is not laudable though the subject may be catchy like the tune of a popular song. Poison taste sweet.So beware. You have a problem, you raise it under your name. Do not dupe friends and do not use someone else as your tool to settle your personal hates/ jealousies/ grievances.

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