Monday, August 15, 2016

To former annonymous Ja Dha Waii now self revealed Kuenga Tenzin Dorji

Kuenga Tenzin Dorji. You sure write a proper grammar piece but as is your character, no substance. Let me tell you and your colleagues what is anti national. A person or a group who subverts the authority of the King.

His Majesty was  approached with the appeal of Sacha Wangmo  and consequently the  Supreme Court was  commanded to judicially process the case. The Supreme Court in due deference to the Royal Command was judicially processing the appeal according to Sacha Wangmo.

And so far,  again according to Sacha Wangmo and Namgay Zam, the verdict has not been issued by the Supreme Court.  This means it is still under judicial process. Maybe since the King had issued a direct Command,  the Supreme Court's 3 Justices  may have to submit their judicial finding to His Majesty.

Then all of a sudden Namgay Zam and Sacha Wangmo and possibly few the likes of you decide to take the matter in your own hands. You subvert the Command of the King and declare that you do not trust Supreme Court to impliment the Command. In other words you indirectly state very loudly by your action that you do not trust the authority of the King.

Namgay Zam and Sacha Wangmo allege that Supreme Court Chief Justice is favouring  his father in law and unlike His Majesty,  they do not trust the Supreme Court to uphold justice.

Next you in the guise of " Ja Dha Waii " post a photo of the Chief Justice and demand his removal. You have dictated what the King must do after subverting the Royal Command. I was wondered who the hell was " Ja Dha Waii " until you reacted to my charge of anti national ( it is necessary to build a fire to smoke out the sly fox).  I knew that person will have to react when faced with the crime of his doing. 

I believe that Namgay Zam has been charged with a defamation suit by Sonam Phuntsho. Actually that is the least of her and your worry.  When people subvert the Royal Command and issue public dictates to the King, they need to be charged under the articles of National  Law and Order Act.

Now you can get drunk or plan more anti- national stance.

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