Thursday, August 25, 2016

Idle minds and frustrated ambitious are easily excited with malicious thoughts. Defamation?

Do not feel out of depth or oxygen just because a second defamation case is in the process in Bhutan. GNH is a philosophy that the successive governments  try  to incorporate in developmrnt activities but the nation itself is governed by laws not emotions. And this defamation  case is  just between an uneducated businessman who feels wronged by a journalist strongly backed by fellow colleagues in the same field. 

Bhutan accords same right to all:  a commoner, journalist, an elite or a national Political Party. Do not forget that  the first defamation case is still not over. The Opposition Party ( DPT) sued an elite ,  Dasho Benji Dorji for defamation for his one liner fb comment against the Party. So do not so derisively  think that elites are protected by the Court.  

The law must treat all citizens same. If a citizen  can be subjected to a defamation suit in a court of law  by a major Political Party for his one liner fb comment then certainly a business man has to be given  the right by a court to sue a journalist who circulated in mass media several pages of malicious allegations  against him and his family members. Are journalist above ordinary citizens? They are the pampered lot but laws are for everyone, pampered or otherwise. 

Defamation is worrisome only to those who made false allegations and untruthful accusations. Why are journalist groups (some members of JAB) so worried if they believe all that  they have written or supported are facts beyond any stain? They should welcome such a judicial forum wherein they can crucify the businessman they so hatefully despise and get at the Institutions that they so deeply disrespect.

Now why the attempt to hide behind freedom of speech and fundamental rights ? No body has fundamental right to attack so maliciously another individual in mass social media especially when that uneducated person cannot react in the same manner.

And why are some again maliciously making it appear as if freedom of speech is at stake? And further  attempting  to make this defamation case appear as if to protect the elite. What bullshits!  If anyone genuinely believes that  this is a fight between "honourable" journalists and "intolerant" elites then " Please journalists go all out to prove your characterisation of the businessman in the court of law". You can get all your foreign contacts to share your evidences that you submit to the court. Continue to make it a public trial. But make sure your feet are not in dirty waters and your finger tips not swollen with pus.   

For too long some irresponsible writers under the guise of journalistic profession  have had heydays in social media. It is time that we substantiate in a court of law what we so freely dish out especially when it affects adversely the lives and reputation of others  in a small society like the one we have in Bhutan. 

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