Friday, August 31, 2018

Images of performances of Leaders in the 1st live BBS telecast of political parties' forum 2018 organised by ECB.

1. DPT President tells DNT President that if the disease he fears is to do with experience  than both DPT & PDP have it and no medical doctor can counter it. DPT President appealed to voters for support to take off where it was left off in 2013 to a self reliance goal 2025.

2. PDP President fended off well the 3 pronged attacks and said that  PDP will do more of what it has been doing the last 5 years. The President asked people to support continuity and march along PDP  in the service of Tsawa Sum for progress and prosperity. Hail to the King !  Seemed  his call to the people.  

3. DNT President painted a picture of dire consequences if power is not transferred. And if elected promised huge changes foremost being an all Party 2045 vision of abdication ( Namlo nhi-tong zhibchu zhi nga lu Gyelpo Gongshu beni chha-zhi tsym-ni).  Begged voters for power to demonstrate ability and transform the nation in 5 years.  

4. BKP President was in a different mode. She was not quite comfortable on that partucular stage. Not sure whether it was weariness or disinterest. Spinster nang-gi-aum suddenly seemed splayed out among three nang- gi- aps. But she did let fly off sparks about eradication of corruption and fears of fear. She appealed for votes the BKP way. She was firm about BKP going for the long haul

The two established Parties DPT and PDP have shared experiences of both Ruling and Opposition roles. Both have Self Reliance goals but approaches are quite far apart.

The other two Parties DNT and BKP have adopted very contrasting national approach.
DNT is for 5 years full sail or not at all. BKP is for the long haul as in the intent to be there always  to participate and influence the course of the nation.

To each his or her own style, speech and aspirations. What matters is not what or how the calls to voters were made. The impact depends on the national mood. And whoever among the Party leaders managed to set on fire the mood of the nation, that political Party will harvest the votes. It is important to note that both DNT and BKP had recently conducted 20 dzongkhag familarisation tours. So they may have got some accurate feelers. People tend to behave differently when the role is reversed wherein the leaders are begging for favourable considerations. 

Despite cries of possible foul plays, majority of voters cannot be bribed or coerced. Only the voter is supposed to know which button on the EVM has been pressed in the secluded voting cubicle. So the voter has all the power to make the self preferred choice.  And if ECB includes Party Reps in EVM vote tally sessions, then all should accept  the result. Mourning loss or celebrating win is natural sentiment.   

Hard to determine the consequences of election outcome upon national peace, prosperity and sovereign dignity.  But for sure, any and all consequences  will have to be digested in all its elements once the majority decides. Democracy is not about rights and wrongs. Its all about majorty handing over power of governance to few,  largely out of better expectations.

Each Political Party had different strategy to lure voters.

DPT emphasised on the Party's self reliance policies  and equality.
PDP asked for vote of confidence in the continuation and expansion of its endeavours the last 5 years.
DNT called for anti- establishment votes and transfer of power in every 5 years.
BKP called for support for the long haul towards a corruption free society.

P.S. the order of Parties are set as adopted in the forum. 

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  1. Author Sir wangcha please be frank enough which party will be the best for the people as per your judgement.