Sunday, August 12, 2018

Life and Tides.

Resignations at the end of a political tenure or supernuation from jobs are part of system in place. Therefore,  awareness should be prepardness. But when time comes knocking with calls of resignation and supernuation, so many are still so unprepared.. Such changes in temporal positions are like experiencing death whilst still alive for many. Impermanence is only a term that we automatically associate with cases of others. But for self, the dream of life and fortune being forever is hard to erase from inner conscience.

Still we human beings have enormous capacity to deal with changing tides if only we are not knocked down by the first wave of transition. Its alright to feel low and somewhat lost and knocked down. Just do not give up or attempt too hard to appear nonchalant. The experience is not normal. Its abnormal though common. So there is no sure set ways to deal with such changes. You are your own Guru. 

Gradually the transition evolves to help create your own space in society. Maybe different, new colleagues than old friends though same persons, same family with adjusted fresh priorities and same community with changed hierachy environment. But there is a space for you somewhere within the society though may not be of your preferred choice.

Few even get a new lease to old life and positions but that too will be gone sometimes later. And again back to that old hollow exercise of ' Bardo '  once again in conditions of less favourable age and health. Life is a scale. It finally settles down after all exercises of balancing. Thats why human beings are said to be born equal though we do not ever lead equal lives even in similar same position. 

The sooner we understand context of life, the better we can live it fully. So come to share my philosphy. Life is just one episode in our universe. Travel the journey your own way. The destination is same whichever path taken. Why try so hard to be someone else? Be your very self from the begining in love, with family, friends and society. Just work honestly hard and live freely unafraid and true. Good Luck with Blessings of Triple Gem!

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