Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Perception and reality and ugly truth.

Suppose upon your elevation to the Deputy post, you proudly apprise your boss that now as second most powerful person,  you have set in motion the celebratory plans for his Exit.

Would you fault others for construing your act as a scheme for early grab of  power?

I thought it was a clear case of power hunger. And did not think it called for so much allegations of in-appropriateness.

If people are itching to pour allegations then perhaps the following political call-outs deserves some attentions. Assorted calls. and claims. Enjoy the game of allegations. 

1.   In the last one month,  we have visited all nooks and corners of the Kingdom on familarisation campaigns. And we  know what people desire and why people live in fear. Oh! Yes fear is fearful. Thus we are leading anti-incumbent authority movement. And  Calling you to vote us to power now. Please! Please! You better or else who cares !

2. Vote for us now or else we guarantee Chaos and  Bloodshed later.

3. Our  goal is to oust goverment authority every 5 years. Nobody needs Stability and Progress! We find Nothing much done till now and we will not do much, hereafter. The goal is power but not electrical.power. Its governing power we seek.    

4.  Once elected to govern, we shall symbolically  " Narrow the Gap between RICH  and POOR " by replacing the private Landcruiser with government provided chauffered Prado for PM and Whatnots ".  

5. We shall eradicate corruption. No one will be allowed to talk about corruption. The source of corruption is money. And  we will bank the money into our accounts. No worries. Everyone else stay clean and dry.

6. Once in power, we shall  proclaim 'Vision 2045 Abdication on the  first day of office. Happy ?

7. Youth unemployment problems ? Worry not. There will be a Committee to blame.

8. Irrigation and Drinking water ?  Stale News!  Any way a Commission will be set up to explore the necessity. Someday everything will be fixed or give more time to fix.

9. Absolute Kidu for all Students. Automatic admissions for all in government High Schools and Colleges?   All will be declared passed. No failures. Just give us few decades to build schools for all students. Till then go back home. Enjoy the holidays !

10. Exams ?   Guaranteed No Examinations. No need to study. Just be ready to replace Indian labourers at Hydro- Construction Projects after college. You will never face job problems hereafter. Satisfied?

11.. PE Examinations ?  No! Not required. This system has enabled too many commoners to become officers. We plain to go back to the old system. No PE and No RCSC Exams. Just fill vacancies with children of the elite families and Party Patrons. Till now those children of common people have ousted all big shots and rich people children who are weak in Maths and do not speak dzongkhag. No PE and No RCSC Exams is very good for children who do not study in bhutan. So out children of Commoners from Civil Service jobs. Haha! Good Idiots. No PE and No Civil Service Exams! 

12. Farmers' Needs?  You have been given land and home by the King. Now all you really need is time. We give you all the time. Electricity  to work in the night also. Also after 2018 no need to waste time in voting for Local or Central governments. We will stay on. Just toil and feed us.

13. Money for all commitments of political parties? No worries!  Your votes are our money.
Here and there and from somewhere. Lots of honey combs we just have to discover.  

14. We only tslk  of your welfare in grabbing power for ourselves. So take it or leave it. Who cares!

I confession that I have not travelled the length and breath of the nation inciting or imploring voters. So I have no idea about public sentiment. I only write my views based on what Party leaders and others say in public forum.
Not much time to debate nor the necessity to cry foul. The plain truth of public sentiment will be out in around 2 weeks time.

The Parties are in contact with voters at all levels of the society. Their gauge of public mood could be on the dot. The rest need not wait for long what majority desire.  I respect whatever the  verdict.         

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  1. Among all political parties I find DNT is dangerious which can bring national referandum of ??????