Friday, June 14, 2019

Cooking gas shortage solution.

This government seems to possess the capacity to do what is necessary for overall good of the nation.

Dump subsidised cooking gas. Make non- subsidised gas available in required quantity.  And reduce electricity cost for home use ( non- industrial ). Not just in rural areas because many poor people also reside in urban centres. Either reduce the rate per unit or provide 200 units free for home consumption. But again do not repeat the heartless game of overcharging for units consumed over and  above the free 200 units. This shameful trick is presently in practice to recoup the cost of 100 units provided free in rural Bhutan.

The system of nationwide non subsidised gas will reduce drastically the quantity of gas imported. Further hoarding will be eliminated due to cost but more so because then gas is readily available.  And the nation will become more healthy as more families go for clean energy electrical power cooking habits.   The government must not be shortsighted and only be guided to earn high revenue from domestic sale of electricity. Go for comprehensive overall national benefits.

Presently Bhutan gets less than Rs 2 per unit for export to India. And domestic average rate is around Nu: 3 to 4 per unit.  BPC should seek soft loan to reach exteme less populated areas to reduce electrification cost.

Many CEOs related to electricity production and distribution in Bhutan  have received red scarfs. In return each of them have come up with different calculations of high domestic power rate to oppress the Bhutanese home consumers. These thoughtless leaders have forced Bhutanese voters to be slaves to Indian cooking gas subsidies. It is time to act sincerely in deeds  instead of always vouching lip service to Tsawa Sum and stop oppressing the people in different silent forms.

It is time for a people friendly PM and his Cabinet to subsidise power rate instead of begging India for subsidised cooking gas. Do not mix rate of subsidised and non subdidised cooking gas cost to come up with a uniform gas  rate. Such a policy prolongs our slavery to external manipulation and dependency.

Use wisely the resources we have at hand and introduce sound sovereign policies where ever and in which ever way. 

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