Thursday, June 27, 2019

BEO and its Youth employment escapades in Japan remains a dark blot on national landscape.

Once again the parents and youth victims of BEO attempt to seek justice. According to Kuensel,  yesterday on 26th June, 2019,  the Royal Bhutan Police has accepted the Appeal of Parents and youths for review though the applicants sought registration of a criminal case.

This sad case has scarred the employment scene for almost 2 years including the time of  investigation conducted by ACC. And there is still no hopeful light at the end of the tunnel. It is near impossible to surmount the daunting obstructions that confront the victims of BEO. Even ACC is unable to push  the criminal case past beyond OAG and the associated government Agencies and Ministry.

I do not envy the position of Royal Bhutan Police under the present circumstances. However, I congratulate the Chief of Police in his tactful handling of the case yesterday.

He could have received all the applicants in his office or meeting hall or out in the open space and  heard out the written appeal. Such broadness of mind and sympathy from a authority can heal a lot of accumulated hurts. But looks like only the lawyer was able to see the Police Chief and present the appeal letter.

I guess the Police Chief had to walk the tight rope of not rejecting the aggrieved applicants and also not infuriating the several  authorities that have been dealing or rather stalling this very same case.  Considering the varying circumstances, I applaud the decision of the Chief of Police to forward the case to Thimphu Police Superintendent under whose jurisdiction the case falls and have the case reviewed.

Already this huge dark case is spread over the ACC, Attorney General., Ministry of Labour, RCSC, the Cabinet and the main stream media and social media of two nations. The OAG, Labour Ministry, RCSC and Cabinet have kept the case at arms length.  These authorities are unable to bury the case and do not seem to wish to proceed forward.  Meanwhole some Officials and detractors  have shamelesssly tried to shift all the blame from BEO Partners& associates and Labour Ministry Officials  upon the youthful victims by such sweeping declarations as  " Bhutanese are lazy and irresponsible ". The lazy and irresponsible youths are to be blamed for being hoodwinked by BEO Partners and associates and taken advantage of by Japanese mafia in Japan.

The public of two nations Bhutan and Japan and the two Governments have a fair idea of what went on. But it is for Bhutanese authority to act or bury the case. If they wish to bury it, now is the opportune moment to get RBP to throw out the case. And if the Government wishes to help the nation to see through the case then RBP must be encouraged to filter through the documents submitted and forward the relevant evidences to OAG where the same case submitted by ACC awaits OAG's decision to prosecute or shelve. I do not feel another police  investigation is warranted through a complete new registration of a crime but  new facts can be added on to the ongoing ACC forwarded case lying with OAG. 

The present Cabinet and particularly the Minister of Labour and Human Resources have nothing to do with the past deeds of BEO and Labour Officials in regards to Youths sent to Japan. But the present Government have to shoulder the responsibility to clean up what seems to be quite a confused and messy handling of the Youth Employment Vision of the Royal Govrnment of Bhutan which also includes the hopes of the Royal Person, " Youths are the future of the nation ".   

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  1. This BOE and BOiC programme has made handsome party fund by PDP government.