Saturday, June 1, 2019

The ugly truth of boulder export corruption system.

1. The rule was that trucks can carry 15 tonnes in addition its own nett weight of 10 tonnes making the total weight 25 tonnes.  That means the exporter pays royalties on 15 tonnes only. And their business income tax would also be calculated on income from 15 tonnes per truck load exported.

However, the exporters and truck owners are  publicly disclosing that their truck load is 35 tonnes including the 10 tonnes nett weight of the truck body. This means till ACC caught them red handed, the exporters were exporting 10 additional tonnes per truck in the black without paying royalty and without reflecting the income from sales for BIT purpose.

2. Moreover, the dollar income from boulder export is also partially hidden to the tune of American dollars $ 290 per truck load. The cost per tonne of boulder exported is said to be $ 29. So there is a generation of black money of Nu: 290x75= Nu; 21,750 per truck load flowing into the country ad ill gittrn wealth of few criminals. 

3. For small fries, ACC would have charged the exporters with criminal/ fraud case. And demanded double the tax and income  evaded with 24% surcharge for every year. But here both the exporters and truckers are let go scot free of past criminal.deeds. And are required to only  stop defrauding the State by sticking, hereafter,  to actual permissable weight per trip.

But the  truckers and exporters do not agree. They want the black money. Such blatancy only proves that they think the government of the day is in their pocket. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Lets see how far this Cabinet and Parliament gives in.

4. Presently he collective political clout and influence of exporters and truckers are so blatantly accepted by the concerned regulatory agencies and the Ministries that the nation allows itself to be held hostage. This just demonstrates how corrupt Bhutan is from head to toe. Now even the Parliament has endorsed such corruption by increasing the tonnage allowed to be carried without calling for accounting of past misdeeds/ frauds. 

5. This corruption system is not just related to boulder export. The under- invoicing happens in all other raw mineral export and probably in most imports. The State is short of financial resources only because there is a collusion through out our governing system to enrich few at the expense of the nation and the majority of the masses. This is the main readon why there is a call for nationalisation of all export of minerals and boulders. And the  same national collusion scheme to enrich the few have prevented every Democratic Government from nationalising the mines.

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