Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The 14th NC Session a demonstration of Quality

National Council concluded a very commendable 14th Session on 8th Dec,2014. Dasho Sangay Khandu a prominent 2nd term MP has even posted important agendas of the next 15th Session to ponder upon including  Amendment to Election Act.  This Session was remarkable. There was no resentment kind of difference with NA. The NC steered clear of Party Politics except maybe a tinge of forgiveable politics when some members defended the legality of BOiC using the passing of the budget as justification.

BOiC the Business Opportunities and Information Centre would benefit the development of private sector. Therefore it was very sensible on part of NC not to censure the establishment of the Office but direct the Government to get it formally approved. I think this thoughtful decision should go well with both the Opposition and the Ruling Parties as well as meet the legal requirement.

I still am wonder struck with the frank and honest NC observations on the Mining Status in Bhutan. It is a happy note that the Eminent members also shared the same anxieties as most other members. I have already shared, 2 weeks back, my thoughts in my blog on the proposed State Mining Corporation. It was very courageous of NC to highlight the wrongs of present practice of concentrating total national mining wealth  in the hands of few beneficiaries and call upon the Government to nationalize all Primary Mining Activities under the proposed State Mining Corporation. I also take this opportunity to express my admiration to the Royal Audit Team for exposing the unscrupulous management of Mining Companies.

I hope the Government heeds the brave and sound call of the National Council. If the Government is not ready to nationalize all Primary Mining Activities and stop renewing Mine Leases then the Government should not even talk about State Mining Corporation formation. Let the prevailing trend of enriching the few continue till they die out or the poorer majority disintegrate whichever happens earlier. The national mineral wealth is certainly a jewel . The question is for whom the jewel toils?

In my humble view,the House of Review and Law has kept the constitutional faith reposed unto it. The NC has demonstrated national responsibility and wisdom. Constitution and constitutional faith is not guarding past Acts intact in the name of the King. It is to carry out what must be done for the nation. Both the Constitution and His Majesty the King would want Democracy to succeed. Democracy is not an alternative to the Throne. I fear that there is a fatal misconception that needs to be removed.  Democracy in Bhutan is to further brighten the future and present progress of all Bhutanese under the auspices of the Throne and active participation of the people. If any democratic leader wants to serve the King and protect the Throne, then begin by first serving the people and the Kingdom that the King has sworn to serve and protect.

I humbly thank all the 25 NC members for adequately representing the King and the people whilst deliberating national issues and bringing out the resolutions.

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