Saturday, December 20, 2014

Happy Lombo !

Today the 20th December, 2014 my favourite day of every week Saturday we bid the past year good bye with deep gratitude and welcome the approaching new year with greater hope and faith. The actual transition happens at midnight tonight.

Lombo meaning the Birth period of new year never ceases to affect my sentiment. There is a rush of past years events both happy and sentimental days and the forever belief that every experience of past and the approaching new years is designed by Kuenchho Sum for the betterment of the family in terms of both emotional bond and the collective strength   of the whole of extended Families.

On this heart warming and spirit inspiring auspicious time of Lombo I renew my love and responsibility to all my family members both immediate and extended and to my beloved great Country Bhutan.

To my beloved Father and Mother in the next world I pledge as always to fulfill my duty as you have taught me and that which  your spirit still continue to guide me. And to my beloved children and grandchildren I love you as you are and always at the depth of your hearts uphold to the highest esteem and deepest love the two mothers who are our Sun and Moon of every 24 hours of our life and family; to nourish the bonds of sibling love and duty and love your Nation which is the source of our dignity and proud identity in the world.

I sincerely take this opportunity to wish a very Happy Lombo to all in Haa, Paro and  beyond.

And may I with all humility and respects wish His Majesty the King, His Majesty the Triple Gem, their Majesties the Queens of our Kings and Kingdom and their Royal Highnesses the Members of the Royal Family the Blessings of Lombo.

I deeply and gratefully thank our beloved King for being at his magnanimous  majestic best on the occasion of 107th National Day and for the very much needed  Nation Healing Royal Touch to the socio economic and political health of the Nation. Thank you Your Majesty for the precious gift to the Nation at the onset of Lombo !

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