Thursday, December 18, 2014

A conspicuous omission by two media arms of the Government from the 107 National Day Address of the King of Bhutan.

Both the Kuensel English edition of 18th December,14 and that of BBS link in Facebook have omitted the King's appreciation to the Defence Forces, HH Je Khenpo, the Dratsang, the 3 arms of good governance: Legislative, Executive and Judiciary,the Constitutional Bodies and the Local Governments.

Further there is no reference at all to the emphasis His Majesty made on the importance of Civil Service Cadre and their crucial role in ensuring continuity of national governance and service to the people.

I would have thought that the royal appreciations were important part of national address and would mean a lot to the Organizations. And especially the expression of His Majesty's faith and confidence in the civil service would be a much needed morale boosting aphrodisiac in the light of the recent beheading of the civil service pyramid by the Cabinet on a kind of speculative grounds.

Thankfully the re- telecast of the live national Address on BBS Television is not censured.

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