Monday, December 1, 2014

Bhutan is the national home of all Bhutanese.

"Whenever You Decide, You Divide." Kuensel  ominously headlines the interview with the  quote from the new Chief Justice. You read further and find its about winning and losing a court case. Even then the words Decide and Divide  on the nature of justice conveys an eerie or creepy sense of a foreboding warning when used by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court in his first interview with a national paper, upon ascending to the highest judicial seat.

The two Political Parties: the ruling and the opposition are in tearing and warring mood. One is accused of promoting anti institution wave whilst the other is accused of being do little witch hunters.

On the eve of the departure of Bhutan's second largest donor next to India, Danida  the oversea cooperation arm of Denmark, flags down the Kingdom of Bhutan with a book co-authored by a Bhutanese that records that a Danish team told the King of Bhutan that they do not like Monarchy.

Bhutan's ethnic troubles are far from over if Denmark and its allies were involved in the 1990 Southern Bhutan uprising with the call for democracy as the published excerpts from the Book seem to suggest.

I hope that Bhutanese of all walks of life regardless of caste, creed or race and religion awaken to the dangers we as a nation face. There will be differences within a vibrant society but the nation cannot be made divisive. Bhutan is the national home of every Bhutanese.

The political parties may be blinded with their party squabbles; the judiciary may be submerged in deciding and dividing and civil servants demoralised to inaction. Therefore  more Bhutanese from general populace must remain attentive. Democracy in Bhutan has a long way to go but gradually changes in overall outlook and concrete positive democratic principles will prevail. We need to give ourselves more time to develop trust in this new principle and way of governance.

I believe that Pelden Drukpa will remain vigilant and that His Majesty the King will put national goals before all other priorities. Bhutanese must choose our own national path from deep down our hearts and never at the prodding of others especially outside forces. We remain grateful to all the Donors for financial helps, the technical and human resource contributions, the institutional and infrastructural developments but we cannot become clones of their systems and pawns of their politics.

Do not feel small and do not feel big. Just feel Bhutanese to want to shape the course of your nation and shape your destiny.

Pelden Drukpa ! Lha Gyel Lo !

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