Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Future Opens at the end of High School.

The all Bhutan class xii results are out. Few would rejoice at exceptional performance, many happy for making it through and lesser number sadder for bad result. In due respects to teachers and honest students I choose to leave behind the shame of authorities in handling the question leaks that is finally followed by horrible denial.

Let me say a few words to all students who have just passed through High Schools. No wise words just what I have observed and deduced through a lifetime of experience.

Your future may have been decided at the time of your conception or birth. Apart from this possibility, the Door to your practical life and hence Future really opens on the path you choose, made to choose or simply cornered to choose because another avenue is just not available upon receipt of your class xii result.

Whatever the honest opportunity that comes your way this time, please develop full faith and plunge into it. Even if it means for few, re-schooling the final high school year, Go Ahead! Its just one extra year investment for a lifetime of better life. This one time, do not let yourself down. Life begs for one opportunity to succeed so have the courage and the will to grant this one chance to yourself.

Dear Parents and students, it is easy to jump in joy when successful and it is difficult to stand when failure daunts and taunts. Maybe, you may even feel humiliated and ashamed. This is not the time to curse, blame or quarrel. And of all reactions, do not make excuses of any kind and worse blame friends, teachers or schools or the systems. Accept failure but do not feel defeated. Failure may be a way of realising another way that could in the long run prove to be the correct path for the future.

In my life I learned not to pray for all good things because that is not what real life is. I prayed for strength and means to overcome trials of life and if that is not possible then at least the endurance to accept the unacceptable and move on. That is not to say that I do not try hard to build or shape life to my desire or comfort. However ,  I learnt early in life, that  some things will happen no matter what one does and most happen incredibly for a reason.

In the end it is not what happens but what way you choose to move ahead. Success and Failure is not determined by one incident of topping in the Exam or failing in the Exam. For a determined sincere individual it is just an indication of how much reserve you must develop within yourself to built your life here onwards.

So dear Parents and Students the success in High School is worth celebrating but its not a guarantee of great life ahead. There is more hard work ahead with plenty ups and downs. Still the 1st successful step is the confident initial  step in the right direction. So Congratulations !

And for Parents and Students who fared less than desired or expected or failed in the class xii exam, you have to know that this is not the end of the road. It is definitely an obstacle and somehow must be surmounted.  You need all your faculties in proper condition so try to do away with lamenting or prolonged disappointment. Renew your hope and will, try harder in the way that is open to you. Do not waste energy and good Karma in banging closed doors. Maybe its not your door.

Fate is not in anyone's hand but all else can be affected by our outlook and determination. Please share this thought with other students and other parents if you happen to read this. Thank you. Always for Better Life !

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