Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Political Snowstorm at Delhi, India.

The white flakes ( white caps ) stormed out the saffron and all else. AAP Party of Kejriwal sent tremors along the BJP political spine.

Initially I wrote, Congress may get few more seats than last tally since all the talk was about fight between BJP and AAP, leaving Congress to make inroads silently. However the exit poles suggested differently. The indication was that the  voters were leaning towards the Maverick Party. It could be a sign of voter saturation with big power houses, I wrote.  The end result struck off Congress from Delhi. It seems Congress was in slumber not working silently. Maybe it would not have mattered whether Congress slept or worked because BJP was up in arms all the way and ended up being routed to miserly 3 out of 70 seats.

The miracle of Kejriwal AAP Party was spurred on by both Presidents of BJP and Congress. Amit Shah gambled on Kiran Bedi to repeat his political wizardry. She was supposed to win the imagination of the rebellious youths of Delhi and Modi's several lakh rupees republic day suit was to impress and awe the middle class. Unfortunately the combination of Kiran Bedi and remodeled image of Modi was seen as a symbol of Elitist Police State Administration. Perhaps a political taboo for the Capital State of world's largest democracy.

Sonia Gandhi had backed her son and his supposed young team. This is the 2nd time the mother blundered. The 1st blunder was silently watching her son tearing the Ordinance Bill . That public grossly act destroyed the fabric structure of Congress which finally led to BJP sweeping the General Election. Congress Party has Gandhi Family at the pinnacle but the Party's fabric is upheld by stalwarts which Rahul Gandhi targeted venomously.

Modi and his team sidelined the BJP Party  Seniors after the General Election Sweep and now in  Delhi, the even more younger generation of voters sidelined BJP Leadership and their candidates. Its not yet goodbye at national level but the descend has begun for team Modi. The citadel has been fatally breached in the capital city of India.

AAP Party proved to be an inferno at close quarter like in Delhi but it's political fire brand was unable to kindle the mass at national level. And the Party just does not have the copyright to governance. So it may still be unable to govern the voters after winning their votes. Subsidies and promise of largesse and image of humility raises hopes but these are, though important factors, form only a small part of governance. The AAP candidates must be already lobbying for berths and gradually cracks will develop. Even so one would hope that the Party succeeds well so that voters will come to trust and develop faith hereafter in similar Maverick Parties that should come up at regional level in other parts of India.

Kejriwal and young generation voters and volunteers of India have arrived and Politics in India has been recast. This can happen anywhere because the main tool of politics:  the mass communication is at the finger tips of every netizen. And another phenomenon is internet banking where small contributions from masses accumulate to finance Party needs. And the beauty of mass small contribution comes with mass votes. In his fight for Democratic Party Presidential nomination, Obama capitalised on small contributions from masses which also translated to votes to defeat his main rival Hillary Clinton.

The electronic world has finally provided the practical means and ways for common masses to collectively join hands and dictate their political will.. Hopefully the Party of the Common Man does endeavour to serve both the commoner and the nation.

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  1. yes, it was like replay of 2008 bhutan election! it is good that anti corruption movement is gaining momentum in the region. The biggest problem in the region is misuse of public resources by few thugs!!

    Meanwhile it will be good if you could review and write performance of dhi since its inception..As an outsider, u may have honest and neutral review so that dhi can improve its performance. Insiders review is very grim...following r some of the issues:
    1. Unnecessary delay of pay revision. After almost 1 yr since civil servants got their pay, dhi sits on recommendations from committees for almost 6 months. classic example of indecisiveness!this doesn't help other than demotivating corporate employees.
    2. Constant interference to individual board and management on petty issues.
    3. formation of dhi infra and wellness companies who all doesn't ve any work.
    4. edu city fiasco...IT park issue
    5. DHI chairman everywhere!!! bsides chairman of dhi board, also chairman of DGPC, DCCL,druk air etc. No check n balance!!!
    Well, of course, due credit should be given if DHI has done anything good as envisaged in the Royal charter...i don't see anything other than slashing some amount from overpaid dhi CEOs n chairman!!!