Saturday, February 28, 2015

RCSC decision to reassign the three Government Secretaries.

In matters of national politics, there is very little room to manoeuvre for a Constitutional Body. If the three Secretaries were reinstated in their respective Posts, the Cabinet would have had to resign. That would end the little Kingdom's foray into elected governance experiment. And if the three Secretaries who were surrendered by the Cabinet were removed from the Civil Service, then the system opens up to ultimate Dictatorship. That would not just end the ongoing  democratic process in the very near future but also would gnaw away the national balm that the Throne is looked up to always provide. A Dictatorial Political Party and Constitutional Monarchy cannot co- exist.

Bhutan is undergoing a very delicate process of political orientation. Six or seven years into even a guided democracy procedure can be taxing on the Constitution, the Throne, the Political Parties and the Bureaucracy. Our democracy has to operate within a preset parameter. Gradually as the nation matures with responsible experience and people's awareness of political gravity of their votes sink in, naturally the present parameters will be have to be recast. We need time and patience. Any drastic change could upset the stability and security of this sovereign Kingdom.

The recently appointed Commissioners of RCSC have acted with matured national wisdom and responsibility. I am also relieved that the Media has failed to solicit any kind of response from the Secretaries as well as the Cabinet on the RCSC Press Release. We need to stride ahead beyond who is right and wrong. At the level of the Committee of Secretaries and the Cabinet, the interest of the nation and respect to the Tsawa Sum must take precedence over any other fiefdom.

I hope that all that ends well will be allowed to proceed well. Palden Drukpa ! Lha Gyelo !

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