Friday, March 18, 2016

Ground realities of governance Bhutan.

A year ago it was said rural farm roads can compensate for shelved highways in  South Bhutan. A week ago it was said farm roads can do with thin layer of asphalt as heavy vehicles like trucks will be banned. 

No railways, no rope ways, no water ways and no airways for cargo transport within the nation. And if cargo truck transport is banned from using farm roads how does supplies to rural communities and farm produces from rural Bhutan to markets move ?

Handy glib official attitude and tattered piece meal approach killing national aspirations. Sayonara ! 11th 5 year plan !


  1. 25mm thickness asphalt if DONE STRICTLY as per technical specification will not shun TRUCKS running on the farm road. The poor workmanship carried out by the Bhutanese contractors over the decades have allowed Bhutanese bureaucrats think it otherwise.

  2. Bhutanese contractors way of making profit is not through efficiency and professionalism but by compromising on the quality of work. Thats why we have pothole ridden roads everwhere in the contry.

    1. How about DANTAK works quality. I think Bhutanese far more better than DANTAK especially time spent on works.