Friday, March 25, 2016

Honouring the Voice Of Democracy & Politics.

A live scene on 3rd March, 2016 at JNU Campus. Kanhaiya, Student President of JNU addressing India and Students. This fellow can think on his feet and he can speak. And speak he did at the JNU campus that evening. Upon his release from 23 days at Tihar jail. He came straight from the prison to the Campus.

Modi govt. will not fall immediately for its attack and conspiracy against JNU and using sedition charge as political tool. But like Rahul Gandhi tearing the Ordinance, this JNU high noon drama will surly be the BJP coffin nail in the next General Election.  When Rahul tore the Ordinance, I predicted the downfall of Congress on Kuensel Online.

Strangely on 3rd March, 2016 whilst replying to Rahul and Congress in the Parliament, Modi recalled Rahul tearing the Cabinet Ordinance on 27th Dec, 2013 when Indian PM was holding meeting with American President in Washington. It showed that , "some people physically age but they gain no wisdom " said Prime Minister Modi in the Parliament. However, this cannot be said of the Sudent President of JNU. This fellow is a different brand and he cannot be silenced that easily by Modi or the RSS.

During his speech, Kanhaiya made reference to Modi's reference to Stalin of Russia in the Parliament and he said he wanted to get into the TV and ask Modi to also talk of Hitler. He said JNU was not seeking freedom from India. It was seeking freedom within India. " Want azaadi from hunger, corruption and casteism".  He said PM Modi loved to speak his mind but not listen.

Kanhaiya spoke continuously for over an hour. Speaking under the Union Tri Colour Flag against the Sedition Charges, he declared that he was seeking freedom within India not freedom from India.

There had been intense political pressure to prolong the imprisonment / detention of Kanhaiya at Tihar jail. The Delhi High Court initially delayed his Bail Hearing and then few days later, granted an interim conditional bail not a proper bail to Kanhaiya.

But I do not see the same Court cancelling the interim bail any time too soon. High Courts in India have such tenacious judicial dedication. They might accommodate political nuances for a brief period or for a specific occasion but long term goal is Justice as it should be. Then there is the Supreme Court which exercises fearsome judicial independence.

This unfortunate Delhi High Court ruling on the interim conditional bail for Kanhaiya invited a humiliating comment from a top jurists Fali Nariman who said  on NDTV  " Sad to see airs of compliance travels into judicial corridors."

Khanaiya is still making waves. The BJP Ministry of Home Affairs does not want to rearrest or detain him. I guess the Government learnt its lesson rather fast. Any further acts of persecution will get whole of India not just university students talking of Kanhaiya and not of Modi. Lessons on democracy and politics are aplenty all the time.

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