Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Why do some teachers yearn for corporal punishment?

Corporal punishment is not a cure of a student retaliating under marijuana influence when " he was patted several times by the teacher ". Patting conveys/ demonstrates affection that is a cause for  embarrassment. Patting grown up student whether boy or girl by a teacher does not just indicate the understanding character of a teacher.

It was not right and it is definitely not acceptable that a student hit a teacher. But who ever the boy is and whose son he is,  we who know not the teacher or the student personally, should not blindly rush to condemn.

Would the teachers who advocated  for reinstatement of corporal punishment on BBS TV also tell the public what their fellow  teachers who beat the students to deafness, abused  and murdered student and shamed and threatened students to the extent whereby young people have hanged themselves to death,  really  require more corporal  punishment powers.

I do not think majority of teachers feel that they require corporal punishment powers to teach effectively. Doing away with corporal punishment has not dented the ability of good teachers to teach and their students to learn. Just refer to last few years school results. Few Dzongkhag teachers and Dzongkhag institutions have been hounding students in the last few years. Why is this happening ?

Out of several hundred thousand students how many have physically attacked teachers? And out of few thousand teachers how many have abused students? Please dear teacher commentators,  you reveal the the figures in Bhutan. Let us know how much you really care for teacher/student relationship. Give both sides of the coin.

We must admit that in every sphere of fields there are the good and the bad, the gentle and bully. Few bad teachers and few angry or bad students do not represent all teachers and students in Bhutan. Smoking and drugs are problems of young generation. We have to find better ways to deal with these issues.  But physically abusing " corporal punishment " cannot be a solution for such social illness.

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