Thursday, May 12, 2016

American Politics: Donald Trump

I was intrigued by Trump from his early campaign time. Few other billionaires had tried for presidential candidacy before. But this one had no Party backing and no political base to build upon. On 28/4/16, I blogged my take of his foreign affairs speech. Foreign affairs was said to be his weakness. But in my view, he passed rather fairly.

Now that he stands tall and alone in Republican race, he has been declared the presumptive Party nominee as Presidential Candidate. His die hard critics within the party establishment have not died but their hearts are melting with Trump heat. They are gradually lining up behind him. And Paul Ryan the Speaker of the Republican dominated House who declared his opposition to Trump candidacy is changing his tune. He offered to sit out the Convention if Trump so desires and next he could very well declare his support , " for party unity sake " but actually his own survival.  No love and no hard feelings. Simply wisdom of tuning to political climate. It is all politics !

Now America is in General Election mood. That is between Republic Party presidential candidate Trump and Democrat Party presidential candidate Hillary. Its a tight race but if Sanders is VP candidate on the Democratic ticket, it will really be a toss up. Trump may have to choose a female VP to increase his chance. No not Sarah Palin as VP but if Trump makes to White House, Palin would definitely be part of his cabinet  team. Palin has proved that she possesses a political intuition far superior than her party's traditional kingmakers.

American women voters cannot be crazy about Hillary. She is a man's woman not a woman's woman in her outlook. Only lately she had shed her preferred two piece suit for more feminine attire. But Trump too has a deficit in women and immigrant vote field. Thus a feminine female VP with moderate track records on immigration has a place in his ticket to White House.

Hillary seems to have far more number of voters on her side than Trump. But quite sometimes back, Al Gore won the popular votes and Presidency went to Republican Bush. I look forward to Trump Presidency. Simply because he is less boring and less superficial. And I agree with him on placing America first ( but in America ) and not meddle in the internal affairs of other nations and change governments.


  1. Wow, u r a great analyst, Sir. When Trump declared that the entry of muslims to America should be banned for a while, I also thought it made some sense especially in the wake of various terrorist-related activities within its borders. If Hillary wins, I don't know how she can shape America for the better but like Obama, she would definitely make a new page in their history: the first female president.... Anyway, let us see who wins this race.

  2. Hillary clinton is a known neocon, who is paid and bought by the wall street. She is more hawkish than any other candidates. If she becomes the US president, there will be more wars...more destructions and the scariest of all is war with Russia/China, which would result to MAD (Mutually Agreed Destruction) not only for the countries involved but for the planet earth. As for Trump, since he is funds his own campaign, he is not controlled by the invisible his presidency means less war and no MAD.