Thursday, May 19, 2016

Bhutan between the star spangled eagle claws and the red dragon fire.

Kuensel interview of American Ambassador His Excellency Richard Rahul Verma. ( courtesy Kuensel of 19th May,2016)

" What were some of the pertinent discussions you had with our leaders?   Asked Kuensel Tshering Pelden.

( The Ambassador had  " a terrific visit with His Majesty the King and the Fourth King and with the Prime Minister " ).

Ambassador replid,   " We were talking about what is happening with the US and our policy in Asia. How our Act East rebalance policy is going with our collaboration with India and the bilateral relationship."

Of course our national leaders know the best. And probably also are  most concerned. There is nothing an out of political picture citizen can tell the state. More so since our young elected leaders could get  briefed by India before and later debriefed each time a visit from America or China takes place. That is evaluating  political situation together. India and Bhutan are presumed to hold similar stakes.

What I say is only for the Ambassador. Maybe he would do some reality check of his own after gauging the honest thoughts of a citizen from  Bhutan.

Such heay visits, briefings and debriefing  from giant nations and politicians would cause national stress in any small nation. Even for great visionary national leaders, it must be like a situation where a patient  can identify the illness and the cure but not the necessary resource at one's own command to mitigate the  situation.It would be very frustrating.    

Thank you Your Excellency for American generosity  in  diluting the pain of Jaffa. Thats something Bhutan, Nepal and the people at the camps must appreciate and be thankful for your humanitarian  intervention. I think the UN Agency which  created the situation should also thank America and her Allies for stepping in.

Thank you for friendship and declaring so many incredible things through your affiliated NGOs and alike on Bhutan being in top 50 leaders, top SAARC  Press freedom and fastest growing economy. Most flattering.

The American Act East Rebalance Policy may imbalance Bhutan in the near future. Please do not cause a Tsunami because our national anchor is rather weak in resource and constricted by geographical straight jacket. We are a very soft target.

There is an age old saying in Bhutan " At times of great need, the enemy nearby would of of more help than friends/ relatives positioned far away". 

I sympathise the desire of America and India to change regional status quo. But events in history get started by some Parties and gets finished by some other Parties. And in the upheaval process the weak and the small disappear.  Bhutan is in no position to be a party to start Rebalance nor is in position to sustain the consequence of such an attempt.

Thank you for Fulbrights but many of our politicians are yet to be China bright. Their Majesties the Kings have always known the realities and only this grace keeps the ship of the state in proper anchor.

So please do not lead our gullible  Democrats astray. Assurance of power and money and great fellows pat on the shoulders have made many ambitious regional leaders in Asia and Africa commit national suicide. I am not anxious of their health though as Buddhist I value life. But I love and need Bhutan to be really for Bhutanese. Have a pleasant tenure in India Your Excellency the American Ambassador to India.

May Triple Gem keep your Rebalance journey away from Bhutan. In all else Your Excellency is most welcome!

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  1. I have nothing against the American people...but American government - hell! NO!! Brings death and destructions. As for Chinese...its all about trade and development. But Amerikka is hell bent on destroying great nations like China and Russia. Whats really worrying is the western media and the the European governments fall in line with Washington policies, even at the cost of their national interests. If it had not been for the wisdom of Chinese and Russian leaders, the MAD (mutually agreed destruction) would have taken place and therefore the end of humanity as we know. Question is how long can China and Russia take all the hostility from Amerikka and her European satelitte states. Hoping that the sheeple (americans and europeans) realise sooner than later that their goverments have all these time deceiving them and stand up for justice and world peace. As for Bhutan, i doubt if our present national leaders know what AMERIKKA is upto. Probably our govt will be too glad to follow the dictates of amerikka and india. All the reason concerened citizens should be worried about.