Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Druk PNB shooting case is a Wake Up Call !

One reads  about the security guard being in drunken state and shooting a man at the Druk PNB bank. He may be drunk or someone used the word drunken to lighten the penalty from the court later on. Is the police saying that he was in no condition to  know what he was doing. Then the Managing Director must be taken off his post for reckless management since the incident happened at the HQ. 

When did the incident happen_ morning or evening - during duty hours or off duty?  Cannot be off duty if the guard was still armed. And cannot be so drunk if he was on duty. Therefore Police statement must be very accurate because implication varies.   

Whatever and however this incident happened, the point is the willingness of a armed guard to settle a personal score with his gun issued to protect the bank and customers from armed hostilities. 

That he had no qualms to use the gun to satisfy his anger is most disturbing.  A total display of dangerous irresponsibility and indiscipline. This kind of behaviour happens when armed personnels are not answerable to proper authority and are not  part of displined  organization. We are most fortunate that no life was lost. Life saved in this otherwise terrible incident thankfully saves ultimate miseries of 2 families. One father from life imprisonment and the other bereaving his family. For this I thank providence for immense kindness. 

But the Home Ministry must take this wake up call very seriously and take immediate remedial measures.

The Banks can afford to pay for proper security. Let Royal Bhutan Police take over the security duties and have Banks pay for the security service. Until RBP can arrange the required personnel, have all such hired security personnel of all Banks undergo  orientation course under the Police and place them under Police supervision. This will instill the required sense of discipline which these people have lost after retirement from active duty. I am presuming security personnels at Banks are ex- soldiers or policemen. 

Thank you Home Minister and Police Chief for whatever is done to minimise risks to bank employees and customers alike. We cannot slumber over it.

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  1. A well-thought post. Yes, this is really a wake-up call for the government to take appropriate measures before such gun violences become rampant like in the US. Thanks for shedding light on the issue la.