Saturday, May 28, 2016

Real life versus social life

When do you finally decide to live a life of self respect?   You know following your true heart and doing your best to preserve self dignity ! Living your life even if it is  poor or humble!  Is fear and chamchagiri or just simple meakness going to rule your path till on your death bed? So you had a life but not your own. What a pity!

Are you a big shot with so much hidden inferiority complexions that you need to feed on flattery and be surrounded by yes rats. No human is perfect. But can you admit mistakes made and say, " sorry ". Is every disagreement a criticism to you ? Can you comprehend and appreciate a differing point of view?

Envy is a positive feeling. It makes you want to do better for yourself. Jealousy is terrible. It hurts others for no fault of theirs  and it gnaws at your no good heart and causes misery even upon your dearest and loveliest. Beware of  the absolute difference between Envy and Jealousy. Your life can be darkened or brightened by your perception.

Are you in position to understand self confidence and position confidence. Many dread retirement age. Not for reasons of financial insecurity but because of their self insecurity. For far too long they have viewed life from glorified official position. They fear nakedness of being just one among many ordinary human beings. They have suffered from absolute dependence on position confidence for self assurance. That is the sole absolute reason why financially well off people cling to their official posts and do anything to be seen in the company of higher position folks.

Socially and financially humbler people are more readily attuned to their retirement age. But for those social or official big shots, retirement gate is just one kind of exit to hell. Even after retirement they cling so desperately to some form of official or semi official handouts ( some sort of any kind of jobs to cling to as a umbilical cord connection). A beggar on golden pavement! What a sorry life from point of real life living.   

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  1. Awesome one! Feeling thoughtful with your writings la. Keeping sharing la