Thursday, September 1, 2016

Forget selective treatment of few at specially catered education facilities. Promote one for all and all for one nation schools.

Why have several Central Schools or think of few more well equipped schools? What is the national objective? Special political interest groups to cater to or vote banks or well to do or less to do? Do not segregate youths and do not create barriers and different levels of Bhutanese young generation. 

All youths of Bhutan need and deserve the best that the nation can afford to give. Education service among all national services must be fair and equal. You cannot distinguish poor and rich kids, political kids or army kids or farmer kids or businessmen kids or bureaucratic kids or male kids or female kids.  The whole concept of segregation is morally and strategically wrong. And nationally most disturbing and disintegrating in nature and philosophy. Too far and under GNH.

Let us go for good and adequate for all youths Central Schools. And not limited numbers of  the kind that this Government is promoting for certain percentage of Bhutanese youths. It is financially not feasible to provide total free education. And definitely wrong to cater to just preferred groups.

Bhutan just does not have the means to provide  School facilities to all Bhutanese youth in the manner that this Government is proposing to do in few Central Schools. National resources  for education must be fairly accessible to any and all Bhutanese youths. Not just to Eastern, or Southern or Western youths or different social or economic or political youth groups.

Please realise that there is a constitutional national responsibility to provide education to all youths till Class X. No Bhutanese official  authority / Agency can arrange separate and unequal equipped schools or varying education services or facilities for  Bhutanese children. The Constitution does not segregate which Bhutanese child deserves to study in PDP promoted well equipped Central School types  and which child can only avail poorly equipped and run Day schools. The Guardians of the Constitutions must guide the Government and the Education Ministry.

Therefore, the Bhutanese nation must go for well administered Boarding Schools for all students.  Such Schools must have adequate hostel facilities and good fooding arrangements. There must be adequate sports areas and facilities.  There must be adequate classroom space, books and skilled teachers. Such must be the central responsibilities of the Government and the nation.

Let the parents provide the hostel beddings and other personal needs of the students. Let the parents provide the school uniforms and sports wears. And for those really poor and orphans, the Royal Kidu system could graciously step in. 

Education system must be overhauled but not in the way that is being done presently. Please think nationally not regionally or politically or group society. Think of the right of every Bhutanese child. Do not take into considerations  the  status of their parents or communities or varying clouts. One Bhutanese child has the same equal right as the next Bhutsnese child. This must be the guiding philosophy in catering to the education need of all children of the Kingdom.

Encourage development of Private Schools to meet demands and conveniences of those that prefer such schooling. But such  private schools should be par choice not forced choice because of lack of school seats or sub standard education quality in Government Schools.

Please join hands in good will and  prayers so that the nation succeeds in thinking for all Bhutanese and cater equally to the education of all Bhutanese children.


  1. give them what cannot be afforded by our parents and not what's affordable to them. The need of the hour is the quality care for quality education to our leaders of tomorrow..not the material comfort. And the quality care can be given to the students only if government provide enough teachers to the students.. and multigrade teaching is not the solution to this outstanding problem. Why not use the money to provide our students with more teachers to give a quality care, instead?

  2. The divide and rules policies were adopting in our present education systems in order to produce gaddas.

  3. Political games around is really creating all the hoax and misunderstanding amongst teachers-parents, government-teacher to parents-government. Who should be blame at this progress and the changes that has been done by our government of the day? Indeed, i have already written an article on - Model school than central school concept on my blog but who is there to monitor small voice, substandard messages. But, as an individual i did my small part as a genuine citizen but not to mean to our government. Its an individual thought. Anyway the content reflected was similar to the one that i have posted already about big, big concern. Please, change for better and more reliable and reasonable changes rather than mere five years...Thanks