Wednesday, November 9, 2016

A farewell confessional speech from doubly and soundly defeated Hillary.

Some 8 years ago, Hillary Clinton thought she had a chance to the Presidency. But as Primary contest for Democratic Party 's Presidential candidate progressed, she was left trailing by the other candidate Barrack Obama. But that defeat was not too bad because Obama became President and she was appointed Secretary of State.

But the irony is that maybe the perceived lapses by her as Secretary of State have opened her Presidential campaign to distrust by voters including those in traditional democratic states.

This is her second consessional speech and she took many hours to gather the courage to give it. This final defeat was most unexpected and therefore shockingly hard to handle. She did not congratulate Trump for winning the Election in her speech. But earlier,  she had phoned her acceptance of defeat to Mr.Trump.

The Clinton Couple have had both great and chequered journey across the political
spectrum of America and the world. And it is expected that though never any more as President yet they will continue to impact American political and social lives to certain extent.

Today President Obama, too, spoke and called upon Americans to move forward together under the Trump Presidency. May be the generous speech retrieved a bit of his lost dignity in claiming that Trump did not connect with the working people and Trump can never be President of United States because he was unfit. Trump has been voted by working Americans to be the next  President.


  1. The result of the US election has a clear message. The message is that the people (working class) people had enough of the political establishment and the elites exploitation. Hillary Clinton is part of that establishment. Trump did not even have the backing of his own party because he is an outsider. The main stream media which is part of the establishment was totally biased against Trump. Even the sitting President of the US obama campaigned in support for Hillary. Against all these odds Trump didnt give up or give in. He fought hard and he made it clear that if elected he will clean the rigged and corrupted system. Now that he won the presidency, he must not let himself sucked into the system and be part of it. I believe that Hillary Clinton will be prosecuted, obamacare care will be repealed and the house speaker, Paul Ryan will be in trouble.

  2. Hillary had been selling herslf to the highest budder. She is 100% loyal only to the 1%, Military Industrial Complex (MIC), Wall Street, CIA and the Dark State.

    This is why both the Republican and Democrat establishment supported her. The establishment did not trust Trump. IMHO the voters weren't dumb at all. Unfortunately all the other Republicans have the same values as Hillary Bush-Clinton. PS Barack Bush-Obama s(cks.