Thursday, November 17, 2016

The necessity to Kill the Bangladesh, Bhutan, India and Nepal ( BBIN ) Motor Vehicle Agreement.

This Agreement now goes from National Council to Parliament. We need to appeal to the NC members who abstained or voted for the Agreement to please kill the BBIN Agreement. Please do not join the Government on this crucial stake. The Government maybe under heavy tactic regional power pressures. 

National Council is there to resist such foreign pressure upon  national sovereign interest. Please all  25 honourable NC Dashos, kindly stand by Bhutan. In this be with the Opposition Party and vote against the BBIN Motor Vehicle Agreement. You are doing your duty not favouring the Opposition Party against the Government.

The PDP Party on the whole  must prevail upon the Cabinet to save the Country from Regional Occupation. The road system in Bhutan are already under crushing strain to even handle internal motor traffic. How can our roads handle the onslaught from the Regional Countries? Let us not be drowned under the deluge of people and vehicles from Bangladesh, India and Nepal. This is no time to fool around with politics. The present Trade and Transit Agreement between Bhutan and India can meet all our requirement. We do not need BBIN Agreement. And please note Agreements do not protect Bhutanese vehicle  and life on Indian  roads or any other foreign roads.

I would prevail upon the present as well as future Governments of Bhutan to strengthen national road system. Embark upon the construction of Southern Highway. Speed up progress on the Central East West Highway widening Project.  Improve North South Highways and connect by road the extreme northern inhabitants. The nation needs all the attention to develop the delicate and inadequate national motor road network. We are in no condition to cater to regional vehicles and politics.

This year was a terrible travel year wherein our economy and people movement was strangled by strains caused by very heavy monsoon rain and  floods and road widening activities. Let us not invite more national economic and social agonies. 

I hope our Government will find ways to let our neighbours know that Bhutan just cannot absorb the impact of such an Agreement. We are so small in economy and physical land size. Why do they want to flood us with their human and mechanical population? I see it as modern war and occupation.


  1. Agreed whole heartedly!

  2. Instead of focusing on BBIN agreement Government should give high priorities in connecting and linking the internal routes each others to avoid problems during the Indian strike times. I feel it is useless to have BBIN without there is proper internal connectivity within our country.

  3. Just because neighbouring countries want us to join the BBIN, we should not jump in. Bhutan is the smallest member in BBIN and the impact (negative) will be the most on Bhutan. Therefore, I trust the NC will act in the best interest of the country by rejecting BBIN.