Saturday, November 12, 2016

President Obama saves his legacy and Clintons gets washed out.

President Donald J Trump the 45th President of United States will be sworn in on 20th January, 2017.

President Obama did everything to oppose Presidential candidate Trump. He wanted to save his legacy the Obamacare and thought Hillary Clinton would do it. But Trump beat her handsomely to the Presidency.

After the defeat, Hillary Clinton sulked.She was obliged to phone Trump to concede her defeat on the Election night  after a storm of rediculous bewilderment  arose at her attempt to sit out till the next day. Then the next day she addressed her supporters and called upon them to " fight on ", it was a " hard loss " she declared.

So in cities where she won, her supporters started protesting starting with New York and even engaged in looting and rioting.

After the election result,  President Obama came out and he congratulated President Elect Trump on his victory and assured a peaceful and smooth Transition. That speech went a long way to soothe the brutal personal wounds between the two men. Then the next day the two powerful men met for one and half hour in the White House. The two first ladies also met.

The end result was that now President Elect Trump has said aloud that Obamacare will be amended not repealed thus preserving part of Obama legacy.That is a very good sign of good politics. 

In his acceptance speech President Elect Trump had called upon all to pay a debt of over 33 years of Clinton service to the nation by thanking her. The great gesture was warmly receved.  It meant his administration will not be pursuing criminal investigation on her. But ego got better of Hillary and she issued a vield threat the next day in her concession speech. She did not congratulate the President Elect and  called upon her supporters to " fight on ". So now criminal investigation against her is on the balance.

Too bad for the Clintons' image. The protests will go on but for how long?  20th January, 2017 is a long way. Meanwhile the majority will get fed up with those hard core disrupters and blame Hillary whilst by -the -way- people who form part of the protest group will fade away.

Trump Team is already putting their Transition Team together. The media says the next President will also have the opportunity to fill over 4000 Federal posts. And on 20th January, 2017, thousands  of Americans and world leaders will attend the Swearing in Ceremony of the 45th President of United States of America. And millions will watch the event from afar in America and around the world. 

I kind of liked President Clinton and wish for his sake that Mrs.Hillary Clinton practised a better grace in handling her massive defeat. In the end, the protests will have harmed the democratic Party more than the Republican Party. And these demonstrations of bad loser traits cannot in any way impede the progresz of President Elect Transition Team. Also achieving an edge in popular vote though some consolation has no meaningful weight for Hillary. The reason is that only about 60% of eligible voters had cast their vote. Further Women, Latinos and African Americans  did not overwhelmingly endorse Hillary though her campaign claimed to champion for those groups.

Today a new Trump heirachy has taken over the Republican Party and the Democratic Party has been badly wounded. The Clintons have now given way to Bernie Sanders. And the main stream media has been shredded to apologetic pleadings: " We did not know " and " Trump heard voices that none others heard " and " All the Polls turned out wrong ". The usual President Elect Press Corp of main stream media was twice ignored by Trump Team and only a boisterous pleading from the media,  got them the assurance of inclusion the next time. In America the Superman is the elected President.

Donald Trump has triumphed as he said he would. And for the next four years possibly the next 8 years, President Trump will be at the helm of the only Super Power. May the world have more peace and less strifes. And let me again add that Bhutanese in America " go about your work in peace and have no fear. President Trump is largely against criminal illegal immigrants ".

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