Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Political Analysis is an art of honest estimation without self prejudice and self agenda.

Today Donald Trump won and a lot of Bernie Sanders Democrats went to Trump dumping
Hillary. The stunning result surprised Trump team and shocked rest of America.

My take was that he would be hard to fell. And he had a good chance to succeed and be accepted as President. What Main Stream Media of the world said did not change my take.

Read what I wrote about Donald Trump and American Presidential Election.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Foreign Policy of Donald Trump.
The American President hopeful Donald Trump gave his foreign policy Speech. This is my take.

An olive branch to all. No intervention or forceful regime changes. No threats but strong meaningful diplomacy that benefits America as well as others especially Russia and China. Like everyone else still banking on China to control North Korea ( the hidden or undeclared reason is of course America cannot directly declare war on North Korea. Its too close to China ).

No war for the sake of feeding greedy war industries. War will be last resort and that too to defend American security not ideals of democracy. For home consumption, he said Christians needed to be defended in better ways than that of Obama effort.  And foreign policies to suit international order of peace and prosperity for America. He will not succumb to the in house Washington out dated think tanks who will be tanked for good he confirmed ( this is the main fear of old Republican guards in Washington. Losing their ancient hold on Presidents).

He attacked Iran Nuclear Deal but stopped short of renegading upon it. So the Deal stands but emphasis on ensuring no nuclear weapon for Iran. He maybe against Muslim refugees entering America but he confirmed that he is against destroying Muslim Countries and their system of governance and beliefs. He is against ISIS that successive American Administrations both Republic and Democrat helped to create.

May 12, 2016

American Politics: Donald Trump

I was intrigued by Trump from his early campaign time. Few other billionaires had tried for presidential candidacy before. But this one had no Party backing and no political base to build upon. On 28/4/16, I blogged my take of his foreign affairs speech. Foreign affairs was said to be his weakness. But in my view, he passed rather fairly.

Now that he stands tall and alone in Republican race, he has been declared the presumptive Party nominee as Presidential Candidate. His die hard critics within the party establishment have not died but their hearts are melting with Trump heat. They are gradually lining up behind him. And Paul Ryan the Speaker of the Republican dominated House who declared his opposition to Trump candidacy is changing his tune. He offered to sit out the Convention if Trump so desires and next he could very well declare his support , " for party unity sake " but actually his own survival.  No love and no hard feelings. Simply wisdom of tuning to political climate. It is all politics !

Now America is in General Election mood. That is between Republic Party presidential candidate Trump and Democrat Party presidential candidate Hillary. Its a tight race but if Sanders is VP candidate on the Democratic ticket, it will really be a toss up. Trump may have to choose a female VP to increase his chance. No not Sarah Palin as VP but if Trump makes to White House, Palin would definitely be part of his cabinet  team. Palin has proved that she possesses a political intuition far superior than her party's traditional kingmakers.

American women voters cannot be crazy about Hillary. She is a man's woman not a woman's woman in her outlook. Only lately she had shed her preferred two piece suit for more feminine attire. But Trump too has a deficit in women and immigrant vote field. Thus a feminine female VP with moderate track records on immigration has a place in his ticket to White House.

Hillary seems to have far more number of voters on her side than Trump. But quite sometimes back, Al Gore won the popular votes and Presidency went to Republican Bush. I look forward to Trump Presidency. Simply because he is less boring and less superficial. And I agree with him on placing America first ( but in America ) and not meddle in the internal affairs of other nations and change governments.

25th July, 2016

Watching Bernice Sanders trying to convince his followers that  Trump must be defeated but without much success. His people are wildly angry with the bias of Democratic Party machinery. He got booed throughly when he said vote for Hillary. Who would have thought that Sanders would take a position to be heckled and shouted down by his own ardent supporters.

30th October, 2016

United States Presidential Election.

Penultimate election shocks for Mrs. Hillary Clinton the Democratic Party Presidential candidate.

1The soaring premium for Obamacare ( heath insurance scheme ) that Hillary favoured so much that she even endorsed it as Hillarycare.

2. The FBI Friday letter to Congress Committee Members that it was investigating emails that are pertinent to Clinton private email server case. This indicates a possible criminal investation against Mrs. Clinton that was previously declared to be closed. 

3. The pro Clinton media overplayed Trump sex to the extent that public has become immune to it. Thus unlikely to influence voters. 

My own thought on the American Election was that after the incredible results of the Republican Party  Primary Elections, , it would be quite a task for the combined forces of the  traditional Republican establishments and the Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton  to over- power the popularity of Mr. Donald Trump.

Remarks: The world stock market tumbled a little with Trump Presidency today. But I found stock market mood that of a crying child. It will recover fast and better in no time..

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