Tuesday, April 4, 2017

A follow on about school track suit in Thimphu.

Kuensel issue today has a front page article on the thoughts of Thromde Executive Secretary. Looks like the official has staked his pride on this implementation as he had in the two road bumps at Langjophakha.  By the way congratulations to the technical professionals who when finally permitted to practise their trade unhindered, did a good job about the bumps (achieved the purpose of caution unaccompanied by disruption).  How the public feels and the inconveniences to the students do not seem to matter.  For some officials, political correctness is the only right of way for their professional advancement. 

Sounds like the Executive Secretary wants to replace tracksuit with half pants. I guess some officials feel that in a co-education school, display of physical asset is more appropriate than display of sporting ability. Any way half pants do not overcome the difficulty associated with re-wearing the gho uniform. But then the executive does not care for solution. Outside facade of national identity supersedes any common sense.  

Dasho Thrompon seems to have gone through proper schooling ways and earning professional dividend through merit. His response quoted by Kuensel reveals that he is aware of the problems and does not think that the people are voicing concerns  just for the sake of disagreeing. However, I do not think the tracksuit restriction was an initiative of the Thrompon in the first place. He can undo it but even an elected head of local government must accommodate Central Government for various public and personal reasons. Moreover, the few political fanatics heading the schools will reimpose the restrictions favoured by their behind the scene  bosses.

All I wish to reiterate is that a particular student does not wear track suit six days a week. It is just one day a week. To those who have no school going kid, it may seem students are always wearing track suit. And to such people the restriction is no big deal. You all are lucky to be removed far away from the hassles of  reality. For general well being, the nation requires an enabling social and political environment not characters of political correctness who promote regimented groups in gho and kira. If however, the present restriction is converted into an outright ban order, I will not be writing about it. Darkness will ultimately have to give way to light but ofcourse it takes time. I appeal only when I believe the light is still there.    


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