Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Can Bhutan differentiate between living culture and fear culture.

Analysis of continuing Thimphu Thromde dictate against wearing tracksuits by students on games day:  

1. A tell tale of a nation in confidence distress and therefore enforcing mass submission through culture whips.

2. Gho and Kira our cherished living heritage converted to uniform of political  slavery. 

3. A confirmation that elected and  appointed leaders when intellectually bankrupt will be out to curtail the society. Not lead the nation. Happens anywhere and happening in Bhutan.

4. Cultural bigots managing to cause social crevices even in a tiny nation. Promoting clone population cast in gho and kira.


1. Do not impose policies that create lame and systematized youth population who maybe easy to control but devoid of initiatives to build the nation.

2. Please save the youth ! Stop decimation  of youth who are the foundation of healthy Bhutanese nation.

3. Thoughtful and concerned citizens must   pray for Cabinet intervention or a lightening from blue sky to spark national forward spirit. We need to do away with the cultural witch- hunt and cultural rigidity.   

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