Sunday, April 9, 2017

A national lesson in maintenance and operation. Any Government should learn this art and adopt in practice.

Many years back Bus Services was privatised in Bhutan. And private bus companies faced huge malpractices in misuse of fuel, fares, spare parts and huge maintenance costs. After years of management difficulties, looks like someone decided to handover all the headaches to the one person who  held the central role of all management headaches and solutions. He was the driver. Hand over the bus to the driver on a monthly fee. All the problems of exorbitant fuel and lubricant demands, short changes in fare tally, frequent breakdowns of bus, irregular timings and even sanitation inside the bus became a nuisance of the past. No deed for bus conductors and wayside inspectors, no fuel slip controllers or cashiers. Today there are many bus companies whose business are managed efficiently by individual drivers who actually operates a one man transport service. That is why today we have fairly good and timely public bus services.  

Adopt this same principal for power tillers.  Train one person for every tiller and handover the charge  Fix the hiring rate, minimum amount of hours of work especially during cultivation season,  percentage of allowance for maintenance including minor spare parts, fuel per hour and wage per day of work. Put the GAO in overall charge to supervise all operation and maintenance of Geog power tillers.  All should be fine.

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