Saturday, April 29, 2017

Why Haa Dzongkhag stood alone.

Sometime back, I came across a fb post about a study conducted in Bhutan that concluded that Haa Dzongkhag stood first in dedication to Tsawa Sum. I felt proud but was also a little anxious. I believe that majority of Bhutanese have to be equally dedicated to Tsawa Sum and probably are. If only Haaps, the nation does have a huge problem to overcome.

This morning I came across a post shared by a fb friend ( PM visit to Bji Geog of Haa ). The content suddenly provided a pleasant relief to my anxiety. I now realise that the outcome of that study was probably based on two physical facts. Quite ironic!

1. The only Dzong in Bhutan surrendered to IMTRAT ( Indian Military ) is Haa Dzong. As contribution to defence of Bhutan?

2. The only Central School surrendered to Defence Forces of Bhutan is Haa Chhundu Central School. For enhancing national defence capability?

And ofcourse since 1959 with closure of Bhutan- China Tibet border, Haa lost her national number one trade route status. A huge economic sacrifice for the nation though who remembers such old facts. 

Thus whoever conducted that recent study must have drawn the conclusion based on above two physical evidences. So fellows, no one needs to be anxious or curious as to why Haa Dzongkhag was thought to be number one in dedication. I do not think another Dzongkhag would want to compete with Haa Dzongkhag by handing over their Dzong to Indian Military and Central School to our Defence Forces.

Keep your Dzongs and Central Schools. I believe all Dzongkhags are equally dedicated to Tsawa Sum with or without Dzongs and Central Schools.

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