Thursday, November 2, 2017

China at the centre of world stage.

Soon after 19th CPC Congress of China, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev came on 1st November to congratulate President Xi Jinping and convey the good wishes of President Putin and to renew the friendship of the two giant nations.

Then on 8th November, President Trump visits Beijing. Naturally President Xi Jinping will be congratulated by President Trump. And admists all the controversies of Noth Korea, South China Sea, Doklam and Trade Imbalance and Dollar Yuan Equations, the two Presidents of America and China will be negotiating on the terms of sharing world power. Rhetorics of western media cannot change the realities of the new world order. And Washington knows it all too well. 

America is the long time Super Power which has dominated world orders till now and China is the rising Super Power. There is no other way but to come to terms with with each other's political and money clouts. Then there is Russia which has risen from the ashes of former Super Power known as USSR. The powers that be have to adjust and learn to share sphere of influence and dominance.

There is no stopping the BRI regardless of what obsticles of delay are put forth by the trio of America, India and Japan plus Australia. Perhaps participation to full advantage could be the wisest path for global goodness and peace. There will be more clarity after this President Trump tour of pacific region centered on China Summit between the two Presidents. 

The lessor but important players like European Union, Australia, India and Saudi Arabia have realised the new changes in world order and are grudgingly adjusting their national aspirations and goals.

On the fringes and fences are notable nations but America dependents like Canada, Israel and Japan. Canada pursues a more independent sovereign policies and have better realations with China whilst Israel has good relationship with Russia. Japan is declining with the ebbing current of Abe- nomics and in futile sabre rattling motion as the advance guard of American contain China strategy.


  1. Interesting facts: according to the CIA World Factbook 2016, America's military spending is more than the combined amount of the next four highest spending countries including China, Russia, Japan, and GB; while China's industrial output is more than the combined amount of the next four most productive countries behind it, including America, Japan, and Germany. Wonder how that reversed order is going to sustain.

  2. Thank You. I wish and aspire to think like you do and pray to have true Bhutanese spirit like you. Sir, Keep on inspiring young people like us la.