Wednesday, November 8, 2017

The wolf preys on the lamb for its own protection says India.

Following is a quote from the Press Release of the Rashtrapati Bhavan of the President of India : 01.11.2017.  It seems that Shri Ram Nath Kovind the new Indian President appointed by BJP Government was engaged in attempts to salvage Indian Governnent Doklam Blunder.

Quote "The President said that security concerns of India and Bhutan are indivisible and mutual. He conveyed deep appreciation for the King of Bhutan’s personal involvement and guidance and the support provided by Bhutan in addressing the recent situation in the Doklam area. He added that the manner in which both India and Bhutan stood together to address the situation in the Doklam area is a clear testimony to our friendship." Unquote.

Bhutan could never have stood with India at Doklam transgression. Bhutan was invaded by Indian Army. Why did the President of India stoop so low in protocol dignity? Shameless Indian Government misusing the Office of their President and making a mockery of the Royal visit.

According to sources connected to Indian official sources, the King of Bhutan had told India that Bhutan did not seek third party assistance in Bhutan-China Border TalK. It seems that His Majesty King Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuck took a sovereign stand. This time Indian Leaderships may have got a glimpse of true grit of the Bhutanese Dragon Majesty.

I felt that the Royal visit happened only at the earnest request of the Indian Government. Perhaps that was one of the reasons of Indian Foreign Secretary's visit to Bhutan along with Acting American Ambassador to India..

I cannot confirm what His Majesty told Indian Prime Minister or what reply was given to President of India. Nor how the Royal visit came about. But one thing I observed from the TV footages of the Royal  meetings  with the President and the Prime Minister of India. Apart from the Bhutanese Ambassador to India, there were no other Bhutanese officials. I perceive this a "  diplomatic frost "  from Bhutan side. Bhutan does not need an invading friend who betrays all trusts and breaches the fundamental basis of 2007 Bhutan- India revised 1949 Agreement. 

The Indian media was all about our prince charming. There were no other news to write about. Our King accepted invitation for a State Visit next year. Bhutan has General Election next year. So the State Visit to India can get deferred. Meanwhile maybe India and Bhutan would stick to small talks like how to celebrate the 50 years diplomatic relation that got burnt at Doklam. . Betrayal is shocking and injury is grave to forget for a nation which was invaded. 



  1. It is highly likely that the Indian Foreign Secretary's visit to Bhutan is to urge the King to visit India to mend relation. It is also highly unlikely that the Acting American Ambassador to India's visit to Bhutan has any thing to do with urging the King's visit to India. It is simply not the opus operandi of most country to act on behalf of a third country, much less the United States, which pride itself to show no deference to any country, much less a failed state like India. The Acting American Ambassador's visit to Bhutan may even irk India, although India certainly wants to give the impression to Bhutan and to a lesser degree China that the two countries India and the US are working in tandem. This is just typical Indian obfuscation and manipulative statecraft. Season observers of Indian politics should be able to see through this with no problem.

    Bhutan should reach out to the US to establish diplomatic relationship along with China. Contrary to most Bhutanese thinking China would not perceive Bhutan US relationship in any shape or form negative to China's interest. US on the other hand is unlikely to use Bhutan as a chess piece against China, Bhutan is simply too small to be useful in that way. The only country that doesn't want Bhutan to have a diplomatic relation with the US is, you guess it, India.

  2. To build a formal relationship is totally up to one's own. Isn't that common knowledge?

  3. Indian army crossing over into Bhutan is truly scary. That's an invading army.
    Bhutan should build diplomatic relations with other major powers like USA,UK,Russia,Australia etc.Bhutan should join ASEAN too.

  4. I will suggest you to write about your perspective of India Bhutan relations in Quora so that it reaches the larger Indian audience. Most of your readers here are chinese as i see from the comments.