Friday, November 24, 2017

School Exams and the accompanying stress.

" Grandpa, tomorrow is the last exam day for achu SR, Gyamtsho and Lhamo " my grand daughter who had finished her annual Exams two days back happily reminds me. School exams is such a stress. And therefore, I guess she would be only fully and completely stress free when all the siblings,too, have finished their exams.  

Exams weigh heavily upon the mind and life of both school families and home families. Students, teachers, parents and all who are in some ways affliated share the concerns for annual exams.

I am grateful that the academic year went smoothly for the kids. I know they do alright in studies. All I pray is for their good health.

Every morning of school day the grandchildren visit the Chhoshoum as their parents have done in their school days and now before going to office. I guess during exam time they pray to do well in exams.

I am simply contended to see them in good health that enables them to go for the exams. Studies to a large extent is within one's abilities but good health is only for Triple Gem to grant. Thank you Kenchhosoum.

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