Thursday, July 4, 2019

Bhutan Education scene.

Over 800 kids ousted from Pre Primary Classes at mid academic year.  Heartless new Education Ministry out to flex authority. Even the appeal by parents and schools to spare the kids of this academic year has been spurned.

Nobody doubts the power of authority in Bhutan. It is compassion that is so  scarce where dividends are not immediate..

No repercussion at all for the governing Political Party.  These kids are too young to vote for a long time to come. Seemingly and decidedly more  beficial to pamper those who will be voting in 3-4 years time like the unqualified class 10 passouts. Politics is razor sharp with rules when fringe benefit is nil.

I thought the PM was really being rightly considerate when I read an indication that already enrolled kids could be considered but making a new rule for age 5 and above was totally another matter.  

Considerations could have been.made for this year kids already with half academic year gone. And from next 2020 academic session, Educatiin Ministry could have come up with free or subsidised care centres for children between ages of four and half to five snd half.

That stand by the Cabinet about waiving off  cut off marks this year instead of next year because so many class 10 students were affected is most laudable. But the very same stand now sounds hollow because the Cabinet now cannot consider another half year reprieve for 890 Pre- Primary students.

Surely the Nation has a conscience to encourage population growth. Assisting young parents to care for their offsprings during difficult pre- primary period is one additional way that would beautifully suppliment the proposed  noble initiative of providing six months stipend to young mothers. One step forward and next step backward is more than just regression in terms of time and investment wasted.

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