Friday, July 19, 2019

Are you Thimphu bio social literate? Try these.

Well what is bio resilient? In case you need to think, it means the ability to keep a relationship going.

And what is bio relationship? Could be man & woman; man & monk; woman & nun  or simply mating with whatever or whoever in our animalistic fancy.

What is bio democracy? Oh! There was just today a conference about it in Thimphu.  Still if you need to ponder, it is voting right for trees and animals because humans  vote  stupidly- You know like voting proudly and later cursing viciously the Party voted in.

What is bio rights? Lets jointly figure out starting with phallus and baka nuisance of grievances and equalities of natural differences.  

What is bio authority? That must be simple because we live it. But lets spell it right. It is exercising equal authority by the couple. Like husband becomes a PM or a General and wife is Madam PM or Madam General. Also like wife becomes office boss and husband turns home boss.

Along with "bio "  the other ongoing fancy high class term is " resilience or resilient ". Do not be fazed out. It just means shut up and put up like a tree silently bearing the axe chopping till fall.

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