Sunday, July 7, 2019

Too much air balloon of international research on learning and children aptitude.

Well !  Royal Thimphu College provides adult classes for those working adults to get a college degree. I presume the ratio of pass percentage among these are higher than those among  young college kids. Why? More mature so more brainy maybe the conclusion of MOE based on research statistic and output.

Haha !  Fools must so think. But do you know what those college kids would be doing at the age of the adults now labouring to get a college degree?  Very possibly some of them may be leading the nation by then. 

Sure there would be a difference of tackling a particular learning task between age 5s and age 6s. But it is silly to assume that children of age 5 are less capable  to be in PP than children of age 6.

Not just traditionally but even today, there is a tendency to assume that men are more capable than women. Perhaps so in majority of beast of burden task. I do not compare men and women because each have different endownents by natural birth.  But intellectually and leadership wise, such assumptions of men being more capable are proved false beyond any doubt.

Do we know the real reason why for adults computer is a necessary implement and for the young computer is a play mate? Versatile is the reason. The younger the age more versatile the mind/ brain  to adapt and learn without  undue pressure and therefore more retention and more information and more joyful the learning process.

Growing up and nuturing is multi task. Not
just nursey rhymes and pampering. Do you know why I never had guard railing around my bhukhari despite kids crawling or playing nearby in the same room?  No one among my eight kids got burns from touching the hot bukhari. They adapted fast to the warmth and also the danger that bukhari presents from early toddler stage. I do not believe in cocooning children from the " hazards "  of outside environment. Real life of joys and challenges lie in the real natural world outside. Rather I got them interested in the environment outside the security of home and encouraged them to do more than just  stand and walk out into the outside world. Its like learning to drive a car. Far, far easier and joyful at a younger age than waiting till you can buy a car.

Love your children in the right way. Give them time not just toys. Watch them literally and learn to appreciate the stumbles in the process to walk on their own rwo little feet. Care for them but do not direct your love and efforts to make them dependent on you. You are in no position to be their guide and crutch throughout their life.

You have a mighty influential role when they are helpless in the cradle but once they start crawling in the 8th to 9th month, they not only have a mind of their own but also have the physical ability to execute their thought. Once they cut their teeth in around the 8th month, gone are days of soft and crushed meals. Step in with the biological transformstions of your child. And  you will not have to wring your head in helpless frustrations when they reach puberty age. 

Majority of the Bhutanese young children receive more love and care than their counter parts elsewhere because the extended family system is very strong in Bhutan. And moreover our children's growth takes place in a social and community  environment which is so free of racial, religion and colour prejudices. Our children can handle more because they grew up in a bigger world of  tolerance and appreciation. 

When you religiously delve into so adulated international researches,  find out what kind of upbringing the researchers had and what kind of environment they live in. Through what lense they look at the world?  Many of these same people and society do not believe in equality of life or blacks, browns, yellows and whites living in same community environnent or be carefreely comfortable in schooling together. Bhutan has had a far richer and broader social perspective. Do not be indoctrinated to outsiders' lesser tolerance.

So please get that shit of an idea from your adult system that gives you that stupid righteous dictum that a wholesomely nutured physically fit Bhutanese child of aged five is unfit to attend PP schooling.

Instead do a better parenting job and responsibility. And more important learn to be a less sheparded adult because I think you are transfering your adult insecurity upon those children of five years age.  I assure you such aged children are better in coping with PP environment  than we adults in coping with each other even after sleeping in the same marriage bed for decades. And dear fellows of anti PP aged 5s children,   please take a walk out of your memory of helpless childhood. Not your fault but shortcomings of alike adults that you have now  turned into.

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