Friday, November 21, 2014

The Bhutanese Parliament: Anti social culture and closed closets moral mentality.

Bhutan continues to have the same set of power brandishing and narrow minded Legislators under different tags. When it comes to Consensual Sex, they are even anti- offsprings.

Under Sex Education campaigns the students are taught how to practise safe sex. And when they do, they are prosecuted under spinster administered Laws. This is what is called national entrapment of the young generation.

The law says to the 18 year girl," Its alright to have sex." And the same law silently requires the girl to partner with the choice of the legislators. What really is love if there is no choice whom to love? What really is consensual if to whom you consent to is not acceptable?

We have legislators who take immense satisfaction in persecuting the society and imposing morals they never ever abide themselves. There is that unquenchable desire to dictate for the sake of being in position to dictate. And with democracy the trend is appalling like kids with match sticks.

Most women marry men who are senior in age and vice versa men usually have wives younger in age. Is it so difficult for the Bhutanese Legislators to comprehend as to why 16 or 18 years girls have consensual sex with older partners? The nature and culture has been functioning in this manner for ages all over the world. Being a different nation does not call for Bhutan to be the worst dictator in matters of social and love affairs.

Develop a healthy respect for love and sex. Be normal and let not your degrading harboured inhibitions that you suffered in the past now shackle the growth of a proper society. There is a huge difference in discouraging rape and outlawing love relation. Please stop pushing love couples over the cliff.

Do not wait for someone near to your heart to be jailed or hanged for loving. Grasp the wisdom to amend the Consensual Sex Law. Lead the Fight for youth and right to Love !


  1. Dasho, I appreciate your knowledge and wisdom and i read every blog you write. I would appreciate if you could write about Workers Associations as per Labour law. plz visit

  2. Thank you Kesdorji.I have gone through your article on workers union. I appreciate your point of view. Maybe it will take further time for various reasons: the easy accessibility to Labour Ministry complaint office, it is easier to get job if you are employed and experienced so dispute is less, often a compromise is offered to leave the job and of course the cultural of top being right will take time to wear off.