Saturday, November 15, 2014

Welcoming President Pranab Mukerjee of India at Paro Airport.

It makes me wonder why the Bhutanese media and forums are engaged in some kind of justifications or is it searching for valid grounds in their Majesties the King and Queen of Bhutan personally  welcoming the President of India to the Kingdom at Paro Airport.

The President is Head of the Nation of India and nearing 80 in age. His Majesty is the Head of the Kingdom of Bhutan and far younger in age and also the host. So if it is unprecedented and out of established protocol of yesterdays, now simply get used to the new set precedent and set protocol as of this Presidential State Visit. How the Indian Delegation viewed the Royal Welcome is beyond the control or influence of Bhutanese media and national forums.

It did not occur to me that the Royal welcome was unprecedented, beyond established protocol or beyond call of duty. The first two things I was ignorant and as for duty, I feel once enthroned whatever a King does or states or commands are all part of being the King and therefore very much the Duty to the Throne of the Kingdom. A King could set precedent or new protocol but to say going beyond the call of Duty is rather a kind of blemish because the interest of the nation is a King's responsibility as well as it is of a common ordinary citizen.
I personally would have been more happy if the President of India also had a Khader in greeting our King and failing that maybe he could have accepted in his hands the offered welcome scarfs. However, I suppose lapses occur with age and protocol surprise. The problems with scarfs started with the visit of Prime Minister Modi. I had then said, maybe, leave out the scarf but then it is our culture and symbolism not that of India. And culture must be practised to preserve as part of national identity whether India or any other Country comprehends or appreciates.

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