Monday, November 17, 2014

Vehicle Quota option a thoughtful mind.

The National Assembly on Vehicle Quota  discussion heard a very sensible and equitable suggestion. A product of thoughtful mind ! Option to utilize the Quota in form of vehicle import or take cash incentive of Nu: 160,000. It will take care of economically disadvantaged officers who cannot afford to buy a new car. It is time to practise democracy in administration and end the traditional practice of economic segregation that always favour the better off. For example only an officer who has a vehicle in one's name can claim mileage and not the person in the same grade but poorer. The poorer officer who does not own a car cannot use someone else's car and claim mileage for official tours. I appeal to the well paid MPs to have a heart for the civil servants this time. Please provide this Option and do not convert it into PDP  versus  DPT fight or National Council versus National Assembly. Thank you.

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  1. Very well said la! Perhaps this thought dawns upon the MPs especially our Hon Finance Minister.