Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Man of Bhutanese Judiciary.

Lyonpo Sonam Tobgye had an incredible service opportunity to serve the Kings and the nation. And he spent and dedicated all his heart and resources to fulfill the responsibilities that came with the opportunities. The Royal Civil Service Commission, the Royal Audit Authority and the Judiciary System have reasons to celebrate his tenures and miss his presence hereafter. He is one individual who took pains to learn more to serve better.

The International Agencies like Danida and Indian  Embassey who assisted the Judiciary System of Bhutan with Assistances in human resource development, judiciary capacity and infrastructure developments must have been amazed and impressed with the humility and earnestness of Chief Justice of Bhutan.

As a private citizen I thank Lyonpo for making the Judiciary procedures transparent and easily accessible from application forms and penal codes to guidance to actual Court Hearing procedures and steps. Only someone exposed to earlier traditional Court System would really understand and appreciate the incredible transformation that he sweated and cajoled to bring about. The path to Justice begins the moment people step into the Court Complex and the changes he and his team introduced over the years helped to bring about the friendly and comprehensible court environment.

Another memorable scene for me is Lyonpo Sonam Tobgye as the Chairman of the Constitution Drafting Committee standing day after day on the Parliament floor to carry out the historic task of trudging unknown and uneasy path of the Constitution of Bhutan. He deserved national thanks just for the extra ordinary patience and physical stamina displayed at that august Hall filled with mostly fresh recruits to national powers.  He got the Constitution passed and finally it was signed at a special ceremony at Tashichhodzong  right across the Parliament Hall where he  humbly, patiently and firmly stood to nurse the draft Constitution through the highest National Legislative Body.  Well Done Your Excellency!  And I just do not think its over as yet in terms of your service to the nation.

My respects to Your Excellecy and the legal fraternity you built under the guidance of their Majesties. And my regards to your family. Wish Your Excellency peace and happiness.

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