Saturday, November 29, 2014

Ignorance is no excuse for any writer for gross misrepresentation.

Kuensel article of 29thNov,14 on Bhutan Denmark, the writer probably a young Bhutanese writes that in 1962 Bhutan had no health services and communication facilities and only 18% of rural Bhutan had reasonable and relatively unpolluted drinking water and administration system was rudimentary. Which caves could he have visited?  But leaving aside the humour please beware there are too many write ups on Bhutan by authors even Bhutanese officials who made too many guess works on Bhutan and therefore not reliable source of reference. 
The fact is in 1962 Bhutan was rural.  There was no urban centres as such. There was plentiful of clean drinking water because the streams,brooks and rivers were clean and bigger. There were medical services though only in pockets. We had then two medical doctors and one veterinary doctor and medical Assistants, few Dispensaries.  A national vaccination programme was also carried out.  And there was a well organised administrative system including National Assembly along with effective communication means though not mechanized. 


  1. This is what happens when journalists are given no freedom to write and only bad journalists remain behind because good ones have left out of frustration. Thanks to controlling all the media by the government. Kuensel and BBS MDs are handpicked. Rest of the private media are owned by government party themselves.

  2. I feel in this case the writer simply was not only lacking general knowledge but also was quite lazy. So words were probably picked up from the propaganda book published by Danida. I have not seen leave alone read it but excerpts in the Facebook expose the nature of the book. I hope the Bhutanese co author got a fat cheque to condone misrepresentation.

    It is shocking that Kuensel Editorial on Danida departure blatantly states that Danida brought Bhutan from medieval age to this age. What could have induced the Editor to write those words. The Dark Age,the Middle Age, the Renaissance periods relate to European history.Medieval is another term for Middle Ages.

    Before Danida came to Bhutan the Father of modern Bhutan had passed away in 1972. So to say that Denmark transformed Bhutan from a medieval society to what it is today in the editorial of 29th November,2014 tantamunts to national betrayal. And unlike a young reporter the Editor knows the facts and yet write falsely.