Sunday, August 23, 2015

Thimphu Jigme Namgyel School Sports Day

It was Saturday 22nd August,2015. The adjoining football ground of Motithang High School was filled with students of Jigme Namgyel. It had been a drizzling early morning that reluctantly calmed as the national anthem filled the air. A welcome address by the very professional Madam Neten was followed by few words on the Sports Day by the Chief Guest and then the sportsmanship events unfolded following a beautiful inaugural dance.

For around 3 hours the mass of students filled the huge ground as different groups demonstrated their sporting talents in races of 100 to 600 mtrs. sprints and relays with younger kids engaged in hotly contested games of ballon bursting, ball passing, buildings blocks to vegetable speed shopping etc.. It was tug of war event that got everyone's bated attention.

What really impressed me was the full and complete participation of all students and teachers in the various categories of sporting events. By all means it was truly an authentic Sports Day for the whole School. Even the Parents had the opportunity to actively participate in a game of Finding the Partner. Too late but at least yesterday I found out who I should have married. No wonder the flame of love had refused to tamper down during all these decades of marriage.

The highlight was the distribution of a whole lot of array of prizes. Mostly of the day and some of past days different School House performances and winners of other conducted contests. The pride and the glow on the thousand young faces simply marked the success and the importance of the School Sports Day. Three Hurrahs for JNLSS ! ! !

The well organised but nevertheless a hectic event ended with a vote of thanks and Tashi Lebey. My thanks and admiration for all the hard works that teachers and students had put in the organisation and conducting of the Sports Day. It is in the fields of sports where students and teachers alike pick up the qualities of leadership, understanding of human nature and optimise true strength of cooperation and spirit of aspirations.

The Sports Day is the final culmination of so many afternoons of practise days and therein lies the art of perseverance and road to perfection.  Wholesome education is the art of learning from text books in the classrooms and art of competing in the sports fields where a child learns to win with grace, understand team works and assuage loss with next time determination to win. There is always some reasons to smile about and laugh around.

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