Sunday, August 9, 2015

Drinchen Aums Show Biz:

Drinchen Amai commercial marketing need to be based on essence of motherhood and pivotal influence of mothers in social and home affairs.  Not on the same stale promotion based on dzongkhag language and cultural tradition as important as such are.
The Show is an effective and right platform to spread the message of happy family, breast feeding, birth control, sexually transmitted diseases, teenager drug problems, menstrual and menopause associated ailments, domestic violence, women rights and plights, safe drinking water, hand washing, personal hygiene and home hygiene and sanitation, home furnishings, kitchen wares, toilet articles, makeups and hairdos. domestic animal feeds, electrical and fuel wood saving ways, promoting women participation in social and political affairs and so on.
The organisers should have been able to ensure commercial success of the Show from such field related sponsorships.  Of course,  the venture require professional marketing technique and approach and prepared marketing products that can be readily adopted by Sponsors. Even few minutes live workshops where all TV viewers and drinchen Aums are the audience would pay huge dividends to the Sponsors and the Organisers.
On final outcome of selection, there appears to be a favourite no: 29 Kinley Pem the model figure beauty. I am impressed with the rigsar flowing style of Sonam Lhamo no:01 and there is an attractive beauty Thukten Wangmo no 13 for whom many young voters could be swayed to vote. Then there are few really good singers of Zungdra and Boedra who light up the stage. Good luck Lemo no: 16. Seems many are impressed with her Zungdra.
A small note of correction for the Aums when requesting for votes: do not say Chheyri and Chhungsoum. For the solicitors all are equally important. There are no big people and small people when you seek public endorsement. Take a cue from political campaigners.
My admirations and respects to all past and present participants, the Judges and the two hosts. Good luck to Organisers. May we all cherish and uphold the central role of drinchen mothers in our individual and national life.
Happy Successful Drinchen Mothers Show !
P.S  The write ups are my small ways to support a beautiful Show. Hope many Agencies will  sponsor the Mothers Show.

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  1. Very rightly pointed out, Sir. I really appreciated your views on our age-old tradition of addressing the mass as "Chhe, Dring Chhung sum) which I also feel is a socially discriminatory term. As human beings, we all are same...

    Thanks for the post la.