Sunday, August 30, 2015

A proposal for Face Book Discipline for Bhutanese in social media.

Please avoid using portrait of the revered Kings as fb profile picture if your intent is only spewing out personal attacks and insults. And avoid using the sacred Jarog Dongchen as a fb identity even if you are an Officer posted in Israel ( Golan Heights ) under UN through Bhutan Armed Forces. The sacred mystic bird sanctifies and empowers the golden crown of Bhutan. It is an act of sacrilege to spew out personal venom and prejudices under the identity of the national sacred symbol of Authority and Defender.

To mean well and demonstrate love , it would be fine for example to have the 4th King portrait as your profile picture on 11th November, 2015 and pay appropriate tributes to celebrate the historic day. It would be appropriate to adopt your identity as the sacred Jarog Dongchen if the Country is at war and you intend to pray and support the Royal Person and the Armed Forces.

At other times to fake loyalty and abuse other fellow Bhutanese, your usage of the Royal Portrait or the sacred name of Defender of the Kingdom represented by the mystic bird, you are committing an act of mockery of sacred institution.

With deep respects to so many Bhutanese fb members who use social media for sharing happiness, events and express opinions/ views / information  of substance.

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