Sunday, August 9, 2015

New Anti Corruption Commission JOB:

1. Establish a Commissioner Office at Puna Tsangchu I & II Project sites. Take up from where Royal Audit Authority has left off on the diverse mismanagement and magnitude of Corruption. Remove Khazanchi, overhaul the structures of Hydro Board of Directors and delve into the honeycomb of national wealth seepage.

Presently the Board of Directors of the Puna Hydro Projects have chosen to shift the Project Offices rather than take remedial measures to remove the culprits. It is a kind of changing the location of the Bank rather than jailing the known robbers. There is no sincerity and no display of backbone. Both the Political Parties of Bhutan have been jelly hearted or possibly collaborators in disastrous project management.

How could top project management teams be on tour for 366 days during leap years and 365 days in other years? The Project costs have more than doubled and construction period doubly extended and loan liabilities beyond project capacity to repay.

The much touted national economic saviour hydro projects have been dug into permanent national economic coffins by Khazanchi and his puppet Board of Directors. How does the national political leadership sleep over the devastating report of Royal Audit Authority on Puna Hydro Projects? Slumbering in kick backs?

2. Open another Commissioner Office at Phuentsholing.  Check the inflows of hydro project supply orders versus orders placed. Have the figures tallied with project stock inventory versus field audit verification of actual usage or installations at project sites. Team up with Royal Audit Authority and Customs& Revenue.

Expand the monumental task begun by Aum Neten at Phuentsholing. Explore the world of trade and industrial corrupt mountains. In addition to immigration, customs and revenue, look up procurement and distribution practice of petroleum products; despatch of actual mineral quantities and actual rates versus declared figures.  Investigate import volume of tax free essential commodities against national  consumer capacity and industrial raw materials against exported product volume.  Investigate the practice of rerouting of certain products/ materials back into Indian market taking commercial advantage of tax difference. Go for real corrupt source and beneficiaries. Do not stop at just exposing the facilitators and go in betweens

ACC can contribute to nation building in a profound and massive way. Stop white water gold being mined by corrupt officials and project managements. Stop enrichment of few individual families from subsidised supply quota meant to ease the livelihood of the masses. Stop robbery of national wealth and ensure rightful dues of taxes to the nation from mineral exploitations and industrial factories.

The Commissioners term of office may be limited but the result of their professional sincerity should last their lifetime and that of the next generation.

Tackling corruption would be just a political stunt to appease public opinion if only intermediaries are caught and punished.  Be serious about uprooting corruption. Nail the Queen Bees of corruption hives and the drones will suffer natural death.

Royal Auditor General could demonstrate action with a Special Audit. Not for  political white wash of what RAA teams under Dasho Tsewang had boldly unearthed but to further bare naked the corruption at power projects especially at Puna Projects.

ACC must light the pyre of those that have colluded to burn the economic white water gold dream of the nation set by the 4th King. Investigate the role of both DPT and PDP Governments and bring corrupt leaders to the gallows.  Let Khazanchi hotly defend against the pyre flames his public contention that huge over cost run and immense delay of Puna Projects do not inflict economic costs to Bhutan.

ACC and RAA do not need luck. They need courage and sincerity. Let us all wish them a plenty in both ocean of courage and mountain of formidable sincere professionalism in upholding their constitutional duties.

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  1. Since in this project, the Very Big Fish are involved in corruption. Thus, the ACC and RAA can do investigation for eye wash the public for the sack of doing. Otherwise, Big fish can sallow the investigators.