Friday, November 27, 2015

A hope fulfilled.

Yesterday at 2PM, I had posted in fb my status of thoughts on Thromdey Politics. By then I felt frustrated with the ongoing political wrangling preventing the right national thing.

However, Pelden Drukpa has miraculous ways. I expressed my thoughts at 2PM wondering if the Parliament had the capacity to move beyond the murky visions of Party Politics. And then by Evening what I hoped came through. The Joint Committee and its Chairman had come through to recoup national interests. Denchi where so much national investment had already been made was approved as Pema Gatsel Thromdey. And Paro Jabana finally got its much deserved Yenlag Thromdey.

Thank you Parliament especially the Joint Committee. The sensible decision of this Parliament Winter session is as welcome as the first snowfall of a year.  And it is more so beautiful because you have decided to re-view the golden autumn beauty of Paro once again. Maybe,the Queen of Beauty gets an extended life span.

Political differences will go on. However, united hearts will build the nation. Hail Pelden Drukpa?


  1. The government failed to deliver peldges and required services. Thus government intentionly created the topic of debate in order to divert public mind. On and all government should not compromise with soverignity for the gain of party.

  2. The government has adopted the shadow governance system, as such they don't have power to take independent decisions.Thus, they play interesting political games.

  3. Shadow Governance will not have independent decision.